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Chapter 295: Chapter 108 Lucky Gold Coin

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Frost Kingdom, Arrendel.

Princess Anna's beautiful figure was standing at the top of the castle, overlooking the city in front of her. Now that the temperature had begun to warm up, the ice and snow were melting; Arendelle was as bustling as it used to be, but there was a sense of tension and depression spreading in the palace. This was something that had never happened before.

That was because the elder princess had left.

If the princess was still in Arendelle, it wouldn't matter if there weren't any guards in the whole palace. But now that the elder princess had left, the security of the palace rested on the guards. No one thought that the elder princess would leave so suddenly. Even Princess Anna did not think that her sister would leave abruptly and disappear without a trace.

No one knew where she went!

It was even possible that she was not in this world but had traveled to another plane.

"Sister had been gone for three days!"

Princess Anna looked at the harbor in the distance, turned to look at the captain behind her, and said softly, "I don't know where my sister has gone. Why would she go in such a hurry!"

The captain behind did not answer, but whispered, "it must have been something important. Your highness need not worry too much. After all, few people in the world can threaten her majesty!"

Princess Anna nodded and said, "I know."

"I just miss my sister. I used to think that he was the one I missed the most, but after my sister left, I found that the one I cared most about was my sister. With her, I feel very relaxed. No matter what I do wrong, my sister will help me deal with it. But now that she had left all of a sudden, all the tasks now rest on me. I am worried if I do something wrong and making a mess of Arendelle."

The captain looked at her and said, "You've always done well your highness."

Just as she said that, there was a sudden rush of footsteps outside. A gasping voice then said," Your highness! The pirates in Iceland seemed to have some movement! "

"Also, the fleets of the south islands seem to be up to no good; they seem to be forming an alliance and pus.h.i.+ng our naval territory!"

"Pa Tang!"

As if something had fallen to the ground and broke.

Then there was a rush of footsteps, and soon several generals in full armor entered the palace. About a quarter of an hour later, the court Wizards of Arendelle also gathered. They all seemed to be arguing about some matter.

A guard outside was eavesdropping on the discussion.

Even though he did not understand the conversation, or did he hear all of it; his impression was that Arendelle was going to war.

For almost 20 years! From the day when the elder princess was born, Arendelle had never seen a war.

Now that the elder princess had just left, a looming war was approaching.

This made everyone feel uneasy!

Soran stood on the deck and watched the sea.

After a while, he took out a gold coin from his pocket and played with it. The special gold coin was about the same weight as the ordinary Derahl, but the pattern on it was different; it was not the G.o.ddess of Wealth but the G.o.ddess of Fortune. As for the mysterious runes behind the gold coins, Soran didn't know them at all. As a wizard, he was not professional; he lacked too much knowledge.

However, Soran still had other means.

He had another simpler method to solve the mystery of the coin; it's just that the price would be slightly higher.

"Consume 7000 Slaughter EXP!…"

Soran knew from the beginning that there seemed to be something sealed off on this gold coin, but he was reluctant to use his Slaughter EXP. However, after careful consideration, he decided to pay for it because it probably was a legendary item. When Soran first touched it, he felt as if there was an electric current. He wondered whether it had anything to do with the blessing of The Maid of Misfortune.

After all, the twin G.o.ddesses of luck and misfortune were created from the G.o.ddess of Fortune.

A weak glow of magic appeared.

The coin on Soran's palm seemed to have let out a gold s.h.i.+ne and then reverting to its normal state.

Item Type: Lucky Gold Coin (number 3)

Item Grade: [Legendary (Grade 3)]

Description: This is a very special lucky gold coin. It is said that it was originally made by the G.o.ddess of Fortune. They carry the blessing of the G.o.ddess of Fortune on them, which can bring good luck to the owner. There are 12 gold coins in total. It is said that after collecting the 12 gold coins, a more amazing secret could be found. However, it seems that no one has collected these lucky gold coins so far, only one or two lucky gold coins occasionally appeared, which were finally obtained by other epic heroes.

Requirements: None.

Effects: [Heroes Luck], when holding this gold coin, any owner will get the special blessing of [Heroes Luck]. When triggering any test, whether it's an attack, dodge, hit, immunity, negotiation or any other field, the owner of the lucky gold coin would get a permanent +1 luck bonus. "

[Note: The G.o.ddess of Luck and the Maid of Misfortune are both looking for these coins as well, anyone presenting these coins to their priest would get a great reward."

Luck Gold Coin.

This was the data Soran got after appraising the item.

It seemed to be a legendary item that couldn't improve the combat capability of the person, but it also seemed to be an item of great power. In the simplest explanation, this lucky gold coin could provide the special effects of "luck + 1". This luck bonus could impact any aspect, whether it was attack, evade, immunity, etc.

Who knew what fortune was?

From this point of view, Soran thought it was still somewhat useful.

It was just unclear if the effect of this lucky gold coin could be stacked; since there were 12 lucky gold coins in total according to the above statement. If the effect of the coins could be stacked, then that would mean a bonus of 12 luck.

That would then become something terrifying!

You could hit the enemy simply just by randomly swinging your sword.

"According to the past data conversion, 2 points of Strength would provide 1 point of attack bonus, 2 points of Dexterity would provide 1 point of evade bonus, and 2 points of Const.i.tution would provide 1 point of Fort.i.tude bonus. According to this calculation, if all the tests could get an additional 1 point of luck, then it's fairly amazing! "

Strength, Dexterity, Const.i.tution, Wisdom, Intelligence, Charm.

These six attributes determine the outcome of many tests. If that's the case, then that would mean that the gold coin would give 12 points of additional attributes.

After thinking it through the effects were very astonis.h.i.+ng!

Soran played with the lucky gold coin in his hand, and then put it away. It seemed that both the G.o.ddess of Luck and the Maiden of Misfortune want it.

On the second day.

Soran arrived at the s.h.i.+pwreck Bay. There were not so many tasks here as compared to Port Tylon. He came here mainly to check on the slave trade. Since the slaves they had were not good at farming. If Soran wanted to grow larger, they would have to import slaves from the mainland, because most of them knew how to farm.

Since the situation on the mainland had become more and more chaotic. Many n.o.bles and powerful men plundered and annexed many lands, turning many civilians who originally owned the land into peasants; some even became slaves. The slave market on the south coast was now very popular. Almost every day, people would sell themselves as slaves. Also, the price of grain seemed to have risen by nearly 50%. Many people who had heard that something was wrong, were either desperately buying grain or stopped selling grain to h.o.a.rd them.

Soran was mindful of all these changes, but he didn't care about food at all, because he had long known that the closer to the Time of Troubles, the higher the prices of food; that was why he bought a lot of food supplies in advance. The grain buyers behind the scenes were all under Soran's control. At present, the grain he had h.o.a.rded was enough to support him for a long time. After giving some orders regarding the slave trade, Soran continued to his journey to the north.

However, something ironic happened. Because he had brought many gifts to Gloria, and because of the a.s.sa.s.sination attempt, Soran was careful not to show his flag when he went out this time.

However, pirates still tried to rob him!

The pirates who wanted to rob him were the northern pirates. A group of fierce and disorganized pirates.

The greatest northern pirates were all on Iceland.

Soran encountered the weaker pirates because the more powerful pirates were focused on the trade around Arendelle.

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