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Chapter 1371: Conversations with a Beauty

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Zhang Zian couldn’t accurately describe this feeling of loss in his heart. He always felt that he had left some form of regrets behind in the teahouse In Hidden Fog.

Is it because he did not taste the high-end refreshment that ended up being free?

In fact, he is not a foodie. He does not have any attachment to searching for extraordinarily tasty food. The tea set is good, but it is nothing more than that.

What is this feeling of loss in this his heart?

Zhuang Xiaodie noticed that he is hesitant to leave. She stopped and asked, ” Did you leave behind your mobile phone?”

He touched his pocket. His phone was still there. He shook his head. “No.”

“If there is nothing, then let’s go,” she urged.

Zhang Zian: “…”

On one side, is a yearning for something that he might have left behind. What it is is impossible to say. On the other side, is a beautiful woman who chose to walk with him down the mountain road, amongst the mist clouds. If anyone was placed in the same situation, might they not choose the latter option?

Although he knew in his heart that this beautiful woman does not belong to him, even if he had not disgraced himself earlier in the teahouse, he still felt bad to let a girl dressed so beautifully in a traditional customer to head down the mountain alone. What if she accidentally tripped on her dress and fell? That will be horrible. It is always more difficult to go down the mountain than to go up the mountain.

“Okay, then let’s go.”

He tried not to think about the feeling of loss he felt and went down the mountain with her.

The teahouse In Hidden Fog gradually drifted away behind them and was finally hidden in the mist.

Pedestrians who went up the mountain encountered the two of them on the mountain road, and they would be in awe by her ill.u.s.trious brilliance. They often stopped in their steps and looked at her with eyes wide open. Others choose to hide away in a corner and admire her. Even the elderly looked at her.

She, however, paid no attention to the treatment by the people to her. Instead, she said indifferently, “We did not have much time to talk in the tea house. Let us take this opportunity to get to know each other. What do you think?”


Zhang Zian nodded and felt that he should at least finish up with the formalities of the blind date.

“I am a local. The university I attended is not a top-notch university. I am currently working in a startup company that is based in the city…Oh, yes, my family runs a pet shop along Zhonghua road. I believe Auntie Liu mentioned all these to you?”

He is now calm, because knowing that she and he will unlikely be together, so he opened up and talked freely. It was much like talking to a random stranger on the street.

“I know all of this, but I want to know more about you – what kind of person are you?” she said.


It’s hard to be fair when judging your own self. One often over or underestimate one’s score. In addition, this question is simply too broad…

“In my life, the most brilliant achievement I’ve had would be when I won the 2008 China Special Person of the Year Award. Other then that, I have nothing else,” he said modestly.

Zhuang Xiaodie is amazed.

“Just kidding! I am joking!” He was afraid that she believed it was true, that he was some really big shot. He quickly explained, “The special prize of that year was awarded to ‘all Chinese people,’ since I am Chinese, I got the award. Who knows, perhaps you have one too! It doesn’t count as bragging!”

He didn’t know if she could accept this kind of joke. Could it be a bit too much for a first meeting? However, he is completely relaxed right now. He no longer feels a desire to win or lose here. Therefore, he is able to joke around like he normally does. So what if she looks down on him?

She was silent for two or three seconds, and suddenly, she smiled.

This smile was as if ice and snow melted, and a hundred flowers bloomed. It was bright and beautiful.

Even if Zhang Zian has already relaxed, he still saw her smile. He suddenly understands why there is a king who abandons the entire nation and ignores it, all for a single woman. He will even start a war to win a smile from her.

She only laughed softly at first, but the more she laughed, the more she laughed. She laughed so loudly it echoed throughout the mountain.

Her laugh makes Zhang Zian laugh as well. Is this joke so funny? Or do she easily laugh at anything?

“Interesting! Interesting! Very interesting!”

When the laughter stopped, she had laughed until her tears almost flowed out.

“Well, I learned a joke today. So this is not a bad trip,” she said.

Zhang Zian wondered if this statement contained some hidden meaning that he did not understand. However, he will never know.

Then he simply played to his own strengths, create bombastic stories and jokes and let the words flow out relentlessly from his mouth. He was entirely letting himself go in front of her. Compared to when he first met her, he was a completely different person.

She sometimes listened, sometimes smiled, and sometimes thought about the joke and double meaning of his jokes. She often needs him to explain it after the delivery of the joke so that she understands it completely. This also means that she was not faking her laughter.

As they walked down the mountain road, Zhang Zian is basically performing a stand-up comedy, especially for her. He told her some of his past experiences and past events. Of course, most of them are black humor or self-deprecating jokes. The otherwise boring journey down was made more enjoyable. After all, there is a beautiful person on his side – although she is a beautiful person not meant for him.

The winding mountain road seems to be much shorter than when going up the mountain.

While he was still enjoying his small little performance, the foot of the mountain was already in sight.

Under the mountainside, the fog has disappeared. On one side of the mountain road, there is a mountain valley, and on the other side is a quiet and dense forest.

Suddenly, the sun is out.

After a while, like magic, countless b.u.t.terflies took off from the blades of gra.s.s, much like a moving fog.

Zhang Zian closed his mouth and stopped with her to watch this beautiful scene.

Thinking about it, when there is no sun earlier, these b.u.t.terflies are covered with heavy dew on their wings. They can only rest on the blades of gra.s.s as the dews are heavy. When the sun dries their wings, they can collectively flap their wings and take off.

“It’s beautiful!” he exclaimed.

“Who would say otherwise?” She smiled and said, “It’s a pity that the flowers don’t open often, and the good times do not last.”

There seems to be something hidden between the lines, but Zhang Zian doesn’t understand. Neither did he bother to think about it much.

The colorful fog of b.u.t.terflies silently hovered in the air for a while. Most of them headed back into the forest. However, a small group that is particularly beautiful flew over to her and danced around her. It may be that her gorgeous costume that has large flower prints on it, or the fragrance emitted from her body attracted them to her. They even landed on her shoulder.

She stretched out her palms, and they landed on her palms as well. They flickered their wings one by one.

He looked at them with astonishment and couldn’t help but smile. “The b.u.t.terflies seem to like you very much.”

“Maybe because I like them too.”

She lifted her palms lightly, and the b.u.t.terflies take off collectively. However, they didn’t fly far, and they follow her or, more precisely, them.

Zhang Zian is very curious and would like to ask what brand of shower gel she used so that b.u.t.terflies are so attracted to her. However, this seems like a rather random question, and so he decided not to ask it.

At the foot of the mountain, a black limousine that looks very expensive is waiting for her. It seems to have a personal chauffeur. This also confirms his guess – she, or her family, is very rich.

“How did you come here? Do you want me to send you?” she asked.

“No need. I came by bus. Please go back first.” He smiled.

“OK, bye.”

She did not insist, got into the car, and left.

Zhang Zian stood alone in front of the bus stop and waited for the bus.

To his surprise, there are still b.u.t.terflies lingering around him.

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