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Chapter 463: Loving You Is Truly Wonderful (13)

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

He wanted to lecture her, but given how intoxicated she was, his words would definitely fall on deaf ears.

The tipsy s.h.i.+ Guang was just leaning against his body consistently while stumbling left and right. When they reached home, she would still not get off the car, and he had no choice but to carry her up.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she said in an innocent and cute manner, "I really like you hugging me this way. Can you hug me like this forever?"



"Too heavy."

"HAHAHA…!" She was drowning in her own happiness as she laughed out, "Of course I'm heavy! I'm your entire world! This is a test for you. Good luck hehe…"

They stayed at the 6th floor and walking up the stairs, she saw how he was in a huff and cheered him on while gloating a little over his misfortune.

Even when they reached home, she insisted on curling her arms around his neck and refused to get down, insisting that he continue to carry her just like a rascal.

He did not want to bother with a drunkard, so he tossed her onto the bed. Yet, she still refused to loosen her grip, and he had no choice but to lie down beside her.

Because she was tipsy, there was a seductive look in her eyes as she cuddled in his warm embrace, acting a little spoilt while she looked at him with a mesmerised gaze. "Hubby, you really look so good!"

He could not help but kiss her on the lips.

She burped out and smiled so brightly her eyes were curled. Reaching out, she caressed his face as though she was teasing him while he patted her on her b.u.m. "Sleep well since you're drunk. Don't move about anymore."

She was really obedient, and indeed, she suddenly stopped moving entirely! However, that lasted for a short while, and her quiet self did not last long as she stretched her leg across his hips.

Worried that she might continue her drunken antics, he did not move and allowed her to crush down on him just like that.

In a testing manner, she continued crus.h.i.+ng on him. Looking at how he had no reaction, she grew bored.

Suddenly, she flipped up and sat up, riding on his waist with both her arms resting on his shoulders. Looking down from above, she gazed at him with a seductive look.

This position had his throat going dry. "Be good… Hurry and come down!"

So be it if she didn't want to get down. To think that she would even tease him! "No! You little troublemaking imp! I'm going to take care of you tonight and make sure that you can't climb out of bed for 3 whole days and nights!"

At that moment, he truly did not know to laugh or cry. She giggled and leaned down to kiss him on the lips before getting wilder with her actions.

l.u.s.t was like a knife. How could he resist the way she was tempting him? Any normal man wouldn't be able to hold it in!

The process of the first time wasn't exactly one that was beautiful. It was so painful that she almost cried out while she endured the pain with all she had.

That exercise seemed to have made use of the alcohol's effects to its maximum potency. After that delirious ecstasy, she did not even know if she was a male or female anymore.

When Mo Jin's call came through, it wasn't her who picked it up—it was him.

For the longest time, he had always thought about whether things would be different between them if he had not picked up that call.

"I don't wish for you to trample on yourself by pandering to that man all day and night just for the sake of revenge against Yang Sitong."

When he first heard it, he thought that he might have been imagining things and could not believe his ears.

Yang Sitong.

His girl was only with him for the sake of revenge against Yang Sitong?

He did not believe it. But, she was the one that told it to him herself.

"The reason why my sister is a vegetable is all because of Yang Sitong. She and someone called Su Ya… They were the ones who had abused my sister on the campus. It's also because of my sister's incident that my parents got into that accident…"

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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 463 - Loving You Is Truly Wonderful (13) summary

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