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"Thank you for your help. Count your losses on me this time. You can go to the Premium House beast card shop in Bei Du and mention my name; I promise everyone here a ninety-nine percent discount!"

Zhang Che thanked every student here very sincerely, and even made a promise to them that was as good as gifting them for free.

The young men immediately grew excited at hearing that.

They had heard of the Premium House before. The quality of their beast cards was the highest tier in all of Hua Xia. Other than their lack of legend-quality beast cards, they simply had everything you could possibly imagine in dark gold and gold-quality.

The ninety-nine percent discount Zhang Che promised them meant that everyone wouldn't need to spend much to have a set of the strongest subdued beasts.

Of course, they didn't dare to hope there would be legend-quality beast cards, either. Cards of that level weren't something ordinary people could afford even with a ninety-nine percent discount!

If it were mid-tier dark gold or gold-quality beast cards, however, it was rather lax on their finances with such a huge discount.

"You're too polite. We're all fellow schoolmates. This is something we should do."

After witnessing Zhang Che's strength, the young men didn't dare to view him as a peer of the same age. He was an expert among experts; they needed to pay him his due respect.

"No, the results would have been unimaginable if not for everyone's help. So please do go pay a visit to the shop."

Zhang Che waved his hand, then fished out a bunch of beast cards from his spatial storage. He held the cards with his hands and gave out two cards to each of them, saying, "I didn't bring much good stuff with me this time. To show my thanks, please don't reject this."

Although Zhang Che claimed that it wasn't good, the young men and women all couldn't help but widen their eyes. They were speechless from shock seeing the beast cards handed to them.

The beast cards Zhang Che distributed were all mid-tier dark gold-quality beast cards. With each person getting two, he gave out about twenty cards in one go!

He truly wasn't an ordinary expert, actually claiming those goods ordinary beastmasters viewed as top-grade beast cards as not good stuff!

With that, even the young man who suffered the biggest loss had earned a profit. After all, even if they had dark gold-quality subdued beasts, each person would only have a mid-tier card at most. The rest were only low-tier ones; they were simply incomparable to Zhang Che's gift!

Moreover, Zhang Che had even promised them a ninety-nine percent discount if they went to buy beast cards at Premium House. It was as good as gifting them for free, not to mention him not setting any limits on the number of cards they could buy at reduced prices.

Of course, anyone with a tiny bit of sense in them would only choose to get a few beast cards that were suitable for their own use. It was impossible for them to buy too many cards. If they did, even if Zhang Che didn't care, they would have been considered to have been fully paid back for their favor. They could forget about having any further ties with Zhang Che and Huang Tielan in the future.

After Zhang Che was done distributing the beast cards, he turned to look at Jiang Chao and nodded at him with a faint smile, saying, "Brother Jiang had been very loyal this time. I'm very grateful for that. How about this? You go tell your family that you can get ten thousand of the new body tempering pills from the Huang family's herbal research inst.i.tute at ten percent of the market price. In the future, the Jiang family will receive certain favorable terms if they want to do business with the Huang family."

After hearing this, Jiang Chao was trembling with excitement! -Indeed, the choice I made was correct!-

Putting aside how much profit they could earn by getting ten thousand of the new body tempering pills at ten percent of the market price, most importantly, Jiang Chao had represented his clan and gained the friends.h.i.+p of the Huang family! In the future, be it their business or the development of their clan, the Jiang family would be on a whole new level!

With this point alone, Jiang Chao believed that the voices of the clan members who were against him succeeding as the clan patriarch would be completely drowned out!

After thanking Huang Tielan's schoolmates, Zhang Che turned to look at Zhao Wu's squad at the side, whose heads were lowered in shame.

Seeing Zhang Che looking at them, the squad who didn't dare to come over all this time finally shuffled their way over.

"Zhang-shao, Young Miss. This subordinate has failed you; please punish us." Zhao Wu spoke for his squad and asked to be punished.

This time, if it weren't for Jiang Chao and his cla.s.smates making their moves at the crucial moment, those two evil cult beastmasters' subdued beasts would have killed their way to Huang Tielan without any resistance. The results would have been unimaginable.

Huang Tielan widened her mouth slightly, not expecting those few guys were actually men from her family. She had originally thought they were ordinary guards from the military!

-d.a.m.n. Looks like not only did Zhang Xiaoche know about me partic.i.p.ating in school activities, he even told dad!-

Seeing Zhao Wu's squad beating themselves up over it, Zhang Che shook his head and smiled. He reached out and patted their shoulders, saying, "It's fine. I know you guys did your best. It's all thanks to you guys stalling that evil cult high-tier beastmaster. I wouldn't have had time to get here otherwise.

"Hmm, I'll let Uncle Huang know of your merits later when I see him. No one will blame you." Zhang Che knew they had indeed done their best.

If it wasn't for them holding back that evil cult high-tier beastmaster at the risk of their lives, the Purple Jade Condor and Jiang Chao's mid-tier legend-quality subdued beast wouldn't have been able to fend it off by themselves once it was freed up. A few breaths' time was all it would have needed to kill them!

Seeing Zhang Che not blaming them and praising them instead, Zhao Wu's squad's faces immediately reddened. Choking on their words, they answered, "Thank you, Zhang-shao and Young Miss, for your magnanimity, but it is the truth that we failed to protect Young Miss. We'll ask for our punishments from the commander after we return."

Zhang Che was dumbfounded. Seeing them so insistent on it, he longer said anything about this matter. He thought he'd better talk to his father-in-law about this matter and be done with it. There was no need to really punish them; instead, he had to reward them!

After they were done talking, Zhang Che suddenly remembered that there were other evil cult beastmasters attacking other students all over the area. He didn't know whether the university and military staff were able to protect those students in time.

He hurriedly said, "Alright, Zhao Wu, you guys escort them back to the camp first. I'll go take a look at the other places. You guys weren't the only ones being attacked by the evil cult."

The students were astonished when they heard this. Huang Tielan looked very anxious as well, and she hurriedly said, "Ah? Then you quickly go help out! Hopefully we can save a few more students."


Huang Tielan hurriedly called for Jiang Chao and the others. Under Zhao Wu's squad's escort, they made their way back to the camp.

Meanwhile, Zhang Che mounted the Purple Jade Condor, which had been healed by the Unicorn, and quickly rose to the skies, ready to go reinforce the battles at other locations.

As for the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, that fellow had damaged his origin while they were rus.h.i.+ng over here earlier. He wouldn't be in a condition to be Summoned out for the next few days. He needed to recuperate properly in one go to recover as soon as possible.

Zhang Che was obviously worrying too much. When he flew around on the Purple Jade Condor to survey the other areas, he discovered the situations everywhere had already stabilized. All of the ambus.h.i.+ng evil cult beastmasters had been surrounded and had become sheep waiting to get slaughtered.

The university and the military had placed great importance on the students' safety. The security forces they had arranged were extremely powerful. In addition, the other students weren't the main targets of the Freemasons. Those who attacked them weren't very strong. At the most, they only killed or injured some students in the beginning. When the security forces finally reacted to the situation, they lost any chance to complete their mission.

"This is not bad. There would have been huge implications if too many students died this time," Zhang Che sighed, finally relaxing.

Even though not many students died this time, the matter would be exposed. At that time, there would be a certain aftermath.

Putting other things aside, the Bei Du University's leaders would surely be overwhelmed for a period of time, busy handling the parents of the students who lost their lives, as well as the questions from their superiors.

Similarly, the government would face huge pressure. The evil cultists were actually so brazen as to actually dare attack the university students so openly. Who could be sure that they wouldn't dare cause chaos directly in the city in the future, or make terrorist attacks?

Obviously, the Hua Xia military would be striking back heavily, specifically targeting the evil cults in all cities to restore order in society.

"I'll wait for the government and military personnel to interrogate the captives, then. When they find out which evil cult organization planned this operation, I'll definitely go find their nest and let them experience the consequences of angering me!"

Zhang Che had decided to not let go of the mastermind behind all this. He'd make that person reap what he sowed to vent his frustrations!

Soon, with the exception of a small fraction of beastmaster teams that escaped after noticing the situation turning bad for them, most of the evil cult beastmasters were eradicated. They were either killed or subdued and put under watch.


The activity the Bei Du University had organized basically ended there.

After such a huge incident, the school definitely had to bring all the students back to prevent any further situations happening.

Also, the apprehended evil cult beastmasters had to be transferred to the relevant departments to be interrogated as soon as possible. Although they might not obtain any important information, at least they'd learn which evil cult that had planned this operation they were from.

However, it was already getting late. Everyone needed to stay a night in the beast world and depart tomorrow after sunrise.


The night was dark. Zhang Che set up a tent to the side of the Bei Du University campsite. Miss Tienan was currently visiting his tent.

"Zhang Xiaoche, I have decided. I won't return for some time. You bring me to go hunt exotic beasts. I want to become stronger as fast as possible. That way I'll have the strength to protect myself."

Huang Tielan had a resolute expression. After this incident, she had realized that no matter how great of a genius beast card cultivator she became in the future, she needed to have some strength of her own.

Otherwise, wouldn't she have to keep counting on others to protect her for her whole life? With that, so what if she was a genius beast card cultivator? She would have to worry about being a.s.sa.s.sinated by some people harboring ulterior motives.

As the world became more and more chaotic, a person's individual strength was far more important than everything else!

Seeing Huang Tielan understanding this, Zhang Che smiled faintly. He nodded and agreed, "No problem. Actually, I prepared a present for you, but you need to become a mid-tier beastmaster before you can use it."

As he finished, Zhang Che took out the Dark Unicorn beast card he had obtained yesterday. A five-colored light immediately flashed inside the tent, drawing Huang Tielan's attention.

After hearing Zhang Che describe the attributes of this beast card, Huang Tielan liked it so much that she quickly asked, "Hurry, you Summon it out first and let me see it!"

The Dark Unicorn's attributes were truly too surprising. Although Huang Tielan wasn't able to Summon it herself for now, it didn't stop her from wanting to see what this subdued beast looked like.

Zhang Che nodded with a smile. He got up on his feet and went out of his tent. Then, he triggered the beast card after branding his spiritual imprint on it, and directly Summoned it out.

"Woah, this is so pretty! It looks so similar to your healing-type Unicorn!" Huang Tielan praised. She really wished she could become a mid-tier beastmaster right away.

At this moment, she suddenly remembered that Zhang Che's healing-type Unicorn was also a four-star legend-quality subdued beast. Also, he had promised her in the past to gift her the Unicorn.

With that, when she rose to Tier Four beastmaster, she'd have two four-star legend-quality Unicorns right away. One for healing and one for attack and defense; the combination was simply the best!

"Zhang Xiaoche, quickly have the Dark Unicorn cast the Shadow Cloak on me, then have one of your mid-tier beast attack me with an elemental skill. Let me see how good the defense is." Huang Tielan urged, wanting to verify the abilities of the Dark Unicorn.

Zhang Che nodded. He gave an order in his mind. The Dark Unicorn soon cast the Shadow Cloak defensive skill on Huang Tielan.

In the next moment, a dark light enveloped Huang Tielan from head to toe, as if a dark cloak was put around her. It actually gave off a heroic appearance, adding a different type of beauty to her.

Immediately after, Zhang Che Summoned out the healing-type Unicorn and had it cast a bolt of lightning onto her.

A crackle spread clearly in the dark night. A blinding light flashed. The Unicorn's lightning attack struck Huang Tielan's body.

Zhang Che only saw a dark streak of light flas.h.i.+ng on the Shadow Cloak on Huang Tielan. It actually blocked the Unicorn's skill completely!

"Amazing! I didn't even feel like I was attacked!"

Huang Tielan's eyes turned into slits from excitement. The Dark Unicorn's Shadow Cloak skill's defensive power was truly too strong against non-light elemental attacks. The Unicorn's lightning skill was a violent elemental attack, and yet it wasn't able to hurt her at all, being completely defeated by the Shadow Cloak. It truly was hard to imagine!

With that, when Huang Tielan advanced to mid-tier beastmaster in the future and equipped the Dark Unicorn, she wouldn't have to be scared of all mid-tier non-light elemental attacks!


The Unicorn's lightning attack caused a rather big commotion, alarming some people. When the school and military's experts rushed over, Zhang Che had to quickly apologize and explain the situation to prevent them from misunderstanding.

After the school and military staff left unhappily, Huang Tielan stuck out her tongue in embarra.s.sment. It was because she wanted to see the Dark Unicorn's ability that they had made such a scene.

"Alright, it's late now. Go back and rest. We'll talk to your school leaders tomorrow and set off to find places with high populations of mid-tier exotic beasts and try to get you to Tier Four beastmaster as soon as possible."

It wasn't good for Zhang Che to keep Huang Tielan in his tent for the rest of the night. Moreover, she definitely wouldn't stay. As such, he directly sent her away. It truly was getting late.

"Hah, then I'm going back now. See you tomorrow, Zhang Xiaoche!" Huang Tielan waved her hand, smiling. She directly returned to the tent where her cla.s.smates were, the Shadow Cloak's effect still visible.

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