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Chapter 1225: I Will Leave With My Mommy

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Juexi snorted, “See? This is the best example of forever alone.”

Ye Yuwei smirked and rolled her eyes at the ceiling. He had finally met his compet.i.tor, hadn’t he?

But she couldn’t bear to see the way her brother treated Wen Shan.

While Gu Juexi was playing with Xixi, Ye Yuwei grabbed her phone and searched for Wen Shan in her contact list.

She hadn’t sent her any messages today.

[Brother Gu’s Wife: Wen Shan, how are you today?

Wen Shan: Wail.gif]

Ye Yuwei stared at the animation of a little piglet wailing on her screen. How was she? She was devastated.

[Brother Gu’s Wife: Xixi said she saw you today.

Wen Shan: Yes, but I didn’t dare to approach him. I was worried I would lose control and jump on him. After all, it’s been less than a week since he last scolded me so it would be so shameless of me to pounce on him now.

Brother Gu’s Wife: …

Wen Shan: I have a reputation to maintain.

Wen Shan: So, I decided not to be overly enthusiastic about him for a week. It will be a week after the day after tomorrow.

Brother Gu’s Wife: You know, you don’t have to force yourself to this extent. Don’t you find it exhausting?

Wen Shan: Yes, that’s why I’m taking a week to adjust.

Wen Shan: Sister, is Brother Gu planning a proposal? I want to be there to see it myself, can I?

Wen Shan: I’m really curious about what he’s going to do.]

Ye Yuwei glanced at Gu Juexi who was playing happily with his daughter. She was confident that he would like the whole world to know about his proposal.

Gu Juexi volunteered to tuck the children in. He let Ye Yuwei take a bath and carried Xixi back to her room next door.

Since Ye Xicheng always went to his room to watch movies, Gu Juexi had renovated the children’s room to fit a mini home theater in it. At the moment, Ye Xicheng was sitting inside watching a movie.

After Gu Juexi coaxed his daughter to sleep, he walked to Ye Xicheng and sat down on the rug beside him.

Ye Xicheng glanced at Gu Juexi briefly before turning back to his movie.

“Little meatball, give me the divorce papers,” Gu Juexi cut to the chase and said.

Ye Xicheng ignored him. Gu Juexi was calm and composed when he grabbed the remote control and turned off the movie.

Ye Xicheng frowned in annoyance. He turned to Gu Juexi and said firmly, “I won’t, I will leave with my mommy.”

Huh, this little monster.

Gu Juexi watched in disbelief as his son got to his feet and walked over to his bed. When he climbed onto his bed, Gu Juexi sat down on his bed as well and stared at him.

“Is there anything else that I’m lacking?” Gu Juexi asked seriously. He swore he had tried his best over the last few months.

Ye Xicheng pulled his blanket up to his eyes, and aimed his intense stare at Gu Juexi.

The old meatball was very nice to him, he had to admit. Despite his constant maltreatment, the old meatball knew what he wanted, what he liked, understood his thoughts, and gave him whatever he desired. That was something his mom couldn’t provide.

Okay, he admitted that this version of his daddy was different than what he expected.

“What if you bully Mommy again?” Ye Xicheng mumbled.

This little guy’s only concern was his mommy.

Gu Juexi reached over and patted Ye Xicheng’s little head. He tucked the boy’s blanket under his neck and said gently, “Fine, you can keep it. But by the day after tomorrow, if I meet your expectations, you can give it to your mommy, deal?”

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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapter 1225 - I Will Leave With My Mommy summary

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