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Panicked, he could no longer stay still. He tried to see what happened, but his lack of focus had messed up his calculations. So, he left the place and returned to his residence immediately.

From the servants, he found out that Gu Xijiu was pregnant. He also learned that she had been missing for many days. They were still trying to locate her.

He felt as if a thunderclap had gone off just above his head. Anxiously, he started making calculations about Gu Xijiu's whereabouts. The more he a.n.a.lyzed, the paler his face became.

Finally, he was able to track the exact place where Gu Xijiu delivered the baby. In order to find out the baby's location, he began to perform a series of secret tracking spells. The baby was finally uncovered in a forbidden land that was very much out of sight.

He made his way through the forbidden land and found Di Hao, who was placed in an ice coffin. Di Hao's tiny body was frozen into a little ice ball. He was not breathing and did not show any sign of life, but Di Fuyi noticed that the boy's soul had never truly left his body. Technically speaking, the boy was still alive.

Apparently, he had inherited some of Di Fuyi's unique characteristics. In order to survive in times of great danger, Di Fuyi would turn into a jade statue. As for the boy, he would play dead and appear as a corpse.

Upon examining the ice coffin more closely, Di Fuyi realized that there were traces of Fan Qians.h.i.+ all over the place. Hence, Di Fuyi immediately knew that it was Fan Qians.h.i.+ who froze his child in ice. Surprised, Di Fuyi used his power to melt away the ice so that he could transfer some of his spiritual power to the boy and revive him.

The boy's exposure to the cold had significantly weakened his health. He could not even keep his eyes open. Without Di Fuyi's help, the boy would certainly never be able to wake up.

While Di Fuyi was trying to save Di Hao, he also took the time to collect any clues around the ice coffin to understand the scenario better.

He tried to picture the entire scene and imagined Fan Qians.h.i.+ taking the baby in and sealing him away in the ice coffin. Before Fan Qians.h.i.+ left, he had placed his hand on the coffin and said, "You have already obtained the rarest kind of celestial body even at such a tender age. What a miracle. I will freeze your body here for a while. Your blood and flesh can be of good use to me in alchemy. I can make a special pill out of your flesh, one that can make your mother fall irrevocably in love with me."

Having retrieved Di Hao from the ice coffin, Di Fuyi then carried the baby away from the forbidden land. As soon as he escaped, the news about Fan Qians.h.i.+ and Gu Xijiu's wedding was already publicly announced.

Nonetheless, he would not allow the wedding to happen, even if it meant spelling his death. However, the baby was too weak to be involved in the fight, so Di Fuyi setup a wizardry barrier around him before putting him in a cave.

The cave was very well hidden, so there were hardly any signs of human activity around. In addition, there was a source of spiritual power in the cave so the baby could absorb the very essence of heaven and earth to nurture his spiritual body.

Before he left, he sealed off the cave with another wizardry barrier, so that no outsiders could enter and disrupt the baby. When everything was secure and done, he headed straight to Fan Qians.h.i.+'s residence.

At this point, Di Hao had already seen everything that he needed to know. He knew how his parents would eventually die. Every image was vividly played. Every conversation was clearly heard. However, he could not figure out what they were all thinking about when the incident unfolded.

He never knew the true cause of his mother's great change in the end. However, he was sure that what she saw in the mirror was not true. Fan Qians.h.i.+ must have twisted the facts and made her see something else.

Di Hao became an orphan ever since he was only a baby, so he never got to know his parents in person. However, he believed that his mother would not kill Di Fuyi. Some sort of spell must have been controlling her until Di Fuyi's blood disarmed the limits to her power, possibly enabling her to take back control of herself. However, when she finally regained her consciousness, the mistake had already been made. There was no way she could amend it.

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