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Chapter 555: Leave the Divine Weapons and Crystal Coins Behind

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Killing twelve Great Twelve-winged Angels with one strike!

The group was dumbfounded when they witnessed Raymond's alarming strike. This was especially so for the fearless Pope. He opened his mouth wide, unable to react for the longest time.

Even though he had long known that Raymond's abilities were deep beyond comprehension, but no one could have expected him to be that terrifying! An Angel Battle Squad made up of twelve Great Twelve-winged Angels has been killed in one hit. The unparalleled Angel Battle Formation was scattered without having a chance to display its power!

A Core Deity who's hiding his aura, a Dimensional Guardian, or…?

The group was extremely shocked, secretly contemplating Raymond's true ident.i.ty. According to the pitiful cry the twelve-winged Angel Leader Boykins had let out before he died, it seemed as though the red sword in Raymond's hand is a symbol of his ident.i.ty. Unfortunately, none of them have heard of the Fire Emblem Sword, nor have they heard of a blood-colored emblem. They could not ascertain Raymond's ident.i.ty no matter how hard they thought.

However, the group was clear of one thing, and that was Raymond's abilities were not just at the peak of High-level Deity. It was just that he had not displayed his true ability all this while, and no one had noticed. During the moment he unleashed his sword, both the terrifying soul attack and the violent aura instilled fear in all of their hearts!

If even a Great Twelve-winged Angel with abilities of a High-level Deity was rendered unable to move as if they were petrified, it was imaginable how terrifying Raymond's soul attack was!

"Soul attack, coupled with lightning-fast speed and unparalleled damage from the flames, that's the secret behind dispelling the Angel Battle Formation?" Thinking back to Raymond's attack that had caused the weather to change, Yang Ling was immensely shocked. He was not confident of blocking Raymond's terrifying sword even if he was wearing an undamaged Ice-sealing Armor or with Ground Guardian and his restrictions!

An ordinary person could only see the alarming speed and terrifying fire damage from Raymond's attacks, but as a Great Soul Wizard, Yang Ling understood that the soul attack was the truly powerful component behind Raymond's attack.

The Angel Battle Formation was extremely powerful, but after the angels were hit instantly by the fatal soul attack, all of them had been rendered unable to move. Since that was the cast, the Angel Battle Formation would not have done anything no matter how powerful it was. However, what happened later shocked Yang Ling even more.

After being defeated in one strike, the souls of the Great Twelve-winged Angels turned into columns of white light as they attempted to return to the so-called City Amongst the Clouds. However, they were not able to escape no matter how hard they tried. It was as if they had fallen into a swamp, making it hard for them to move. Their souls were burned to ashes by a minuscule ember till they completely died.

It was as if Raymond had set up an Ancient Magical Formation or a restriction in the radius of a thousand steps around the area. There was an obscure ripple of energy in the air, and no one could have detected it unless they had been paying close attention. The ripples only became more intense when Raymond had attacked, then quickly regaining its calm after it destroyed the souls of the various angels.

"Powerhouse, this is a true powerhouse!"

Seeing Raymond quickly sheathe his sword, sensing the soul ripples in the air that was quickly receding, Yang Ling was immensely shocked. He knew that Raymond had not fully exposed his true abilities.


Following a deafening sound, the st.u.r.dy castle gates of the Holy City had finally been breathed. The alliance of the various major factions swarmed into the area, successfully meeting up with Yang Ling's Magical Beast Army.

"Charge, kill!"

"Leave no one alive, kill!"

The alliance pushed forward, manically attacking the retreating army of the Church. They split up into multiple directions, killing anyone they came across.

"The city is breached, run, run quickly!"

"Pope, what do we do…"

Faced with the fierce attacks of the alliance, faced with the swarm of bloodthirsty Magical Beasts, the army of the Church fell in droves. Most of the soldiers attempted to escape. The minority of the soldiers who held their positions and attempted to fend off the attacks were drowned in an instant. It was as if they were a small pebble that had been tossed into the sea.

Utter defeat!

The fall of the Great Twelve-winged Angels has completely shattered the bravery and confidence of the Church's knights. All of them knew that the once high and mighty Church has fallen, on the verge of complete destruction.

"It's over. Everything is over!"

Looking at the corpses of the twelve Great Twelve-winged Angels, seeing the many Guardian Knights frantically running for their lives, seeing the tidal-like a.s.sault of the enemies, the Pope mumbled to himself, his face pale. Originally, he had wanted to destroy all of the factions on the continent, thinking that he had the Great Twelve-winged Angels backing him. He had wanted to bathe their territories in blood, under the name of eliminating the cultists. To think that the situation would take such a downturn in the blink of an eye, with the allied forces of the various major factions attacking the Holy City instead!

His dream of lording over the entire Tailun Continent has been completely destroyed!

"Pope, we still have a large number of soldiers at the Holy Alliance. We still have a substantial number of devotees, and there's still a chance for us to retaliate. Let's go, leave quickly, it will be too late if we do not leave now!" Looking at the dazed Pope, the black-robed Wilbur was incredibly anxious. There was no way they could defend the Holy City now. The Church will be completely destroyed if the Pope was to be killed by the enemies.

"Devotees, hahaha, we still have a large number of devotees?" The Pope laughed loudly like a lunatic. Despite Wilbur's consolation, he, as the person with the highest authority in the Church, knew that there was no way out for the Church.

Ever since the detestable Yang Ling had spread the word that the large-scale rat plague at the Holy Alliance was a scheme of the Church, the Holy Alliance had long become a huge barrel of gunpowder. They were violently fighting back against the lockdown imposed by the Church, and more and more devotees were asking for the truth. Even the many n.o.bles and merchant a.s.sociations that had been affiliated with the Church in the past immediately changed their position after realizing the truth of the matter, staying far away from the insane Church!

Even a high and mighty leader feared the day that they would become a sacrificial p.a.w.n for the Church, much less an ordinary n.o.ble. They not only stopped following the Church's orders, they even acted independently behind the Church's back, encouraging the devotees to fight back against the Church's schemes violently.

Even though the unrest had been suppressed time and time again by the violence of the Church's Guardian Army, but hidden currents were present, and the situation was getting worse and worse. They would naturally be able to alleviate the concerns of the people and dispel the unrest in the Holy Alliance with the boost in reputation if they had managed to kill off all of the major factions in the continent with the help of the Great Twelve-winged Angels. However, after the news of the Great Twelve-winged Angels falling in battle and the Holy City getting destroyed spread out, there would be no way that they could suppress the giant barrel of gunpowder!

"Pope, let's go, there's always a shred of hope if you live on!" Wilbur was very loyal, holding onto the reins of a warhorse that could traverse a thousand miles in a day, prepared to lead the elites Templars in protecting the Pope as they charged out.

Even if the Holy City would be destroyed, the Church still had considerable strength in the other regions. As long as the Pope was alive, there would be a chance that they could turn this around!

"Holy City, we will be back!" Seeing the loyal Wilbur, the Pope, who was in despair, seemed to have seen a shred of hope for survival. He leaped up the warhorse and charged toward the city gate, protected by many guards. The group charged forward, quickly approaching the city gates.

However, just as the Pope had thought that he would be able to escape to safety, an accident happened!

"G.o.d has said that he is looking down on you from the Heavens!" Yang Ling suddenly appeared out of thin air, leading the Corpse Wizard King, Dark Dragon King, and the rest of the group in blocking the Pope's path. He was all smiles, "Pope, doesn't the holy verses of your Church espouse that the City Amongst the Clouds is the heaven every devotee aspires to reach! Now, it's time that you return to heaven. Go, you came to this world without anything, and you shall leave without anything. Leave behind your Divine Weapons and crystal coins, then go!"

Leave without anything, leave behind his Divine Weapons and crystal coins?

The demoness erupted with laughter, shooting a flirtatious look toward Yang Ling. The Dark Dragon King, Giant Ape King, and the rest of the barbaric Magical Beasts laughed loudly, staring at the Pope and his group frantically running for their lives. In the past, if not for Yang Ling forbidding them to, they would have long led the Magical Beast Army to attack the Holy City and torn the old Pope to shreds. After having tolerated it for this long, they finally have the opportunity presented before their eyes!

"Hehe, you come without anything, and you leave without anything. Leave behind your Blood Essence and soul!" The Corpse Wizard King cackled as he sensed the soul ripples coming from the Pope and the rest of his group, licking his dry lips. Even though he would not get many benefits from consuming a high and mighty Pope, he could at least brag about it when he returned to the Dimension of Death!

"Hehe, that's not right. He comes naked and leaves naked, so he should leave behind his fair, tender b.u.t.tocks for our Sala!" The Dark Dragon King laughed wickedly, speaking as he took on his original form, taking to the sky under the demoness's murderous gaze, circling atop the Pope and the rest of his group.

Looking at the defeated Pope, then thinking about how arrogant he was back then, the group vented all of their vengeance onto the Pope, speaking as they heavily surrounded his group.

"You… " The Pope turned green, trembling in his fury.

As a high and mighty Pope, no one dared to be insolent in front of him on an average day, not daring to even raise their voices. Even the Golden Lion himself had to be polite in front of him, treating him with respect. To think that he would be reduced to such a state!

"Oh, respectable Pope, to think that you would have such a day!" The Great Commander of the Dark a.s.sociation flew over, holding his Dragon Slaying Spear. He looked coldly at the steely green Pope.

Over the millennia, the Dark a.s.sociation had not had much room to breathe under the persecution of the Church, almost getting destroyed. Today, it was finally the Dark a.s.sociation's turn to show off their might, attacking the main base of the Church! They could finally bathe the despicable, hypocritical, sinister Church in blood. They could finally ma.s.sacre the arrogant knights and fanatical devotees of the Church.

The Dark a.s.sociation had waited many years for this day!

"So what if you won. Let's see who dares kill me even if I were to stand still here!" Seeing that he had been heavily surrounded by Yang Ling's Magical Beast Army, seeing Raymond lead powerful fighters like the G.o.d of Swords and Chief Elven Priest over, the Pope turned pale. Without any way of escape, along with the snide remarks of the group, had made him insane once again.

In order to avoid directly attracting the attention of the King of Darkness after severely damaging the Dark a.s.sociation with their schemes and holding the three head honchos of the Dark a.s.sociation captive, the Church had not dared to kill them, merely imprisoning them within Iron Edge Castle. The same logic applies to this situation!

The generations of Popes of the Church have all been personally blessed by the Core Deity of Light and had a shred of the Core Deity's Soul Imprint in their brains. If they were killed, they would immediately alert the senses of the Core Deity. The Pope believed that the Great Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation, Yang Ling, and the rest of the group would not dare to kill him on the spot, and at the very most, imprison him. No matter how strong Raymond's abilities were, he would not risk killing the Pope for the peace of the Tailun Continent.

The Core Deity of Light, who ruled over the City Amongst the Clouds, is the source of the Church's confidence and strength!

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