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Chapter 414: Her Relations.h.i.+p History Was Revealed
Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

He Xiyan struggled to force herself to calm down but she could not get rid of the anxiety that she was feeling. She instinctively hugged Yuan Yuan tightly and he was the only person who could comfort her.

In the afternoon, those at the castle continued to help with packing their bags since this trip was scheduled to last for one month, so there were many items that they had to pack. Fortunately, Ye Hao had arranged for a chartered flight, so they could bring as many things as they wished and a good chunk of the items they were bringing were all Yuan Yuan's toys.

In the evening, Menglin and Qin Xiaoyu suddenly rushed downstairs and their eyes were full of disbelief.

He Xiyan and Ye Hao looked at them in confusion, bewildered by their sudden actions, as though something utterly ridiculous had happened.

Menglin and Qin Xiaoyu frowned at each other and it was a while before they finally spoke.

"Sir, Madam, have you seen the news?" Menglin said and her face was still full of shock.

Ye Hao's brow arched and asked coldly, "What news?" They had spent the entire afternoon with Yuan Yuan and Xi Xi, so where would they find the time to watch the news?

Qin Xiaoyu replied, "There has been a special report on Mrs. Ye that had made the headlines of the entertainment section of the tx news app. There are several articles about her and also many photographs."

Qin Xiaoyu looked astonished as she spoke.

He Xiyan froze in shock and confusion. She let go off Yuan Yuan and quickly dug out her phone.

Ye Hao's brows slammed together tightly. He thought that there was something strange about it and also took out his phone from his pocket. Then, he opened that particular news app and clicked the entertainment section.

The moment he read the headlines, his amber eyes suddenly became cold and hard.

The top article was about his wife and the reporter even included their wedding photos and the headline was extremely eye-catching.

'The newly wedding wife of Ye Hao, CEO of Ye Group, had borne her ex-husband a son.'

When he clicked on that article, he realized that there wasn't only one article, but this was a special report so there were more than 10 articles on this topic and when he read the t.i.tle of each article, he was overcome with an urge to kill somebody.

'Mrs. Ye's birth secrets revealed. After two marriages to rich men, has she turned from a chicken to a phoenix?'

'He Xiyan's and her ex-husband's relations.h.i.+p revealed! She threw herself at him to marry into a rich family.'

'Is the eldest son of the Ye family raising someone else's son as his son? His adopted son is Mrs. Ye's son with her ex-husband.'

He browsed through those terribly written articles and saw that the media had deliberately sensationalized the news in order to attract clicks. There were even many photographs attached to those articles. In addition to their wedding photographs, there were so also many of their personal private photographs, as well as photographs of Yuan Yuan but what enraged him were photographs of He Xiyan and Mo Yixuan together.

These pictures were very offensive to him.

"d.a.m.n it!" Ye Hao suddenly spat out a curse and his grip tightened on his phone, gripping it so tightly that it was as though he was trying to squash it.

He Xiyan's eyes widened as she read the articles and her face went from flushed to pale. She was so angry that she became breathless. These articles were clearly pus.h.i.+ng her to the spotlight and what was even more terrifying was the fact that Yuan Yuan's parentage was now already splashed in the news for all to see.

What would become of this kid in the future?

Yuan Yuan looked at his father, then at his mother. He realized that his father was livid and he didn't know how to react, so he walked toward his mother and patted her leg. When she ignored him, he ran over to his father and tried to get his attention.

Then, he pouted sadly when he realized that both his father and mother were ignoring him and acted like he was about to cry.

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The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 414 - Her Relationship History Was Revealed summary

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