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Lin YaZhi didn't have the best of tempers on a normal day. There were already plenty of stories about him throughout the school. But no one thought that he would even dare to fight the Vice-Princ.i.p.al.

The atmosphere in the office suddenly tensed up to the extreme. Ke CaiZhu let out an exaggerated scream and rushed to help Huo PingChuan up. As she was doing this, she shouted: “Lin YaZhi, you dare beat up Princ.i.p.al Huo?! Totally lawless! You've always been the black sheep in the entire teaching staff, I have to report you…”

Lin YaZhi sneered, his sharp eyes pointing towards Ke CaiZhu like a knife. “Headteacher Ke, if you weren't a woman I would've long beaten you into an early grave. Watch yourself.”

Everyone knew that when Lin YaZhi's ‘beating' was to literally beat someone up. His warnings were never empty words. Ke CaiZhu, who had been screeching non-stop, was so frightened she quietened down immediately. She was so nervous she even accidentally hiccuped.

One of the teachers couldn't help but sigh in regret….they really wanted to see Ke CaiZhu get beat up!

Bai YanZhu and Lin YaZhi were both homeroom teachers and usually had a good relations.h.i.+p. So it was Bai YanZhu that stepped forward and held Lin YaZhi back. “Mr. Lin, calm down first. We'll listen to whatever it is you want to say.”

Lin YaZhi coldly replied: “I'm over trying to speak nicely. Since Vice-Princ.i.p.al Huo doesn't seem to be listening, then I'd rather be more direct.”

Huo PingChuan was kicked in front of so many teachers that his face was now ruined. Furious, Huo PingChuan pointed at Lin YaZhi and said: “Your son was the one who got himself in this mess! Look at his test results, ah, what do you want me to do? It's the provincial admissions office that reviews the students. Why don't you go beat them up instead!”

“You tell me the name of the person who took your bribe, and I'll gladly beat him all night.” Lin Qian replied deadpan.

Teaching staff: “….” Everyone looked at each other with subtle gazes.

Huo PingChuan chocked on Lin YaZhi's words. He couldn't reply straight away. Then he became angry again and shouted: “Lin YaZhi, what are you talking about? Why are you trying to slander with that nonsense? I ask that you immediately apologize to me.”

Lin YaZhi clenched his fist and looked very scary. “Huo PingChuan, your son's great results only came out today. Yet the student information was already sent to the provincial admissions office half a month ago. What qualifications did your son have to win the recommendation?”

All the other teachers looked at each other. Huo PingChuan's face turned green and white, but in the end, he was the Vice-Princ.i.p.al. He wouldn't be cowed as easily as Huo YeRui. Huo PingChuan sneered and retorted: “Did you already forget YeRui's first monthly test results?”

Lin YaZhi replied: “Is it not true that no one other than the student representative got first place these past few years? And yet your son got recommended based on one test result? Are your son's grades encrusted with diamonds?”

Huo PingChuan sneered. “Yes, my son fought for it and won. YeRui has the ability. What's the matter with that? Doesn't having better grades prove that he's more qualified than your son?”

Lin YaZhi's face turned darker and darker as Huo PingChuan's expression became prouder. “Lin YaZhi, if you have the ability, then why don't you think of ways to help your son. You can only blame yourself. You even let him a.s.sociate with those bad students…”

As soon as Huo PingChuan said this, Bai YanZhu made a sound of protest. “Vice-Princ.i.p.al Huo, the students of Cla.s.s 8 aren't bad…”

Lin YaZhi looked at Huo PingChuan straight in the eye. “If Huo YeRui goes through the normal process and gets the recommendation, I never would've said anything. But the process was problematic from the very beginning. So even if Huo YeRui gets first place ten times, I'll never give up.”

Lin Qian watched Lin YaZhi and Huo PingChuan confront each other. Suddenly Lin Qian understood why Lin YaZhi had been at the bottom of the teacher satisfaction survey rankings year after year in his past life.

After Lin Qian was ordered to stay home after the brawl in his last life, he no longer knew much about what happened in school. But thinking about Lin YaZhi's personality, it was absolutely impossible that Lin YaZhi pa.s.sively accepted the punishment the school gave Lin Qian. Maybe back then, he confronted Huo PingChuan like this too. And in that kind of situation, it was even more likely that Lin YaZhi beat Huo PingChuan up.

Lin Qian sighed in his heart. Unfortunately, they had never had a proper father-son conversation in their last life, so Lin Qian knew almost nothing about what Lin YaZhi had done.

While everyone's eyes were attracted to the fight between Lin YaZhi and Huo PingChuan, Lin Qian sent Zheng PingQing a text message in lighting speed. Then, he calmly stood up and said: “Dad, you shouldn't get too excited.”

Lin YaZhi finally realized that his son was in the office. He shriveled and immediately put away his sinister and ferocious expression. Bringing up a kind smile, he said: “Ah Qian, what are you doing here? I'm just discussing a few things with Vice-Princ.i.p.al Huo.”

Huo PingChuan: “….”

The other teachers: “….”

It had never occurred to them that Lin YaZhi, the rebellious and cruel man, wore two faces.

Lin Qian, who was used to Lin YaZhi's ‘ever-changing face technique,' only smiled. “What's to discuss? Everyone has different abilities and talents. They have their own way of doing things, and we have ours.”

Huo PingChuan managed to change back into a dignified expression at Lin Qian's words. He straightened his collar and said: “It seems that Student Lin Qian is sensible. This kind of situation is won by one's strength and capabilities. I guess Teacher Lin is just too old to realize this.”

If it wasn't for the fact that Lin Qian was watching him, Lin YaZhi would've already punched Huo PingChuan on the face. But Lin Qian was here, so he could only smile and endure. Looking at his son, Lin YaZhi said: “Ah Qian, please go back to your cla.s.sroom first and wait for me. Dad just has something to discuss with Vice-Princ.i.p.al Huo for a bit.”

Huo PingChuan couldn't help the s.h.i.+ver that wracked through his body. He said: “This matter is also related to Student Lin, we shouldn't avoid talking in front of him.”

The other teachers: “….” They didn't expect that the Vice-Princ.i.p.al would ever need a student to hide behind. Sigh.

Lin Qian replied to his dad with a smile. “Dad, don't waste any more of your time. Vice-Princ.i.p.al Huo will never admit to anything. Hitting him will do nothing but be an outlet for your anger. If you have this much energy to waste, you might as well report him directly to the higher authorities and make better use of your time.”

The other teachers: “Oooh——”

Lin YaZhi: “Ah?!!!”

Huo PingChuan was shocked. He thought Lin Qian still had the smell of his mother's milk on him. He didn't expect this small youngster to actually be a smiling tiger and openly threaten him.

Lin YaZhi rubbed his hands together. “I can beat him up first, then report him.” This was the last straw for Huo PingChuan. He pointed towards Lin Qian and yelled: “Student Lin, aren't you a model student? Where did you learn all this dirty trickery? You didn't do well on your tests, and yet you didn't reflect on your performance. Instead, you slander a fellow student and another teacher? Your thoughts and schemes are too dangerous! I think it's best if you no longer stay in this school. If you lead other students astray, it could negatively affect this school's image and enrollment rate….” Ke CaiZhu also chimed in: “Yes, Student Lin is an immoral and dangerous person, very corrupt…” The two sang in harmony and put on all sorts of labels on Lin Qian's head. Lin YaZhi was furious, but Lin Qian simply turned a deaf ear to their accusations and simply continued to smile. He even stopped his fuming father and gently said: “Vice-Princ.i.p.al Huo, why are you being so defensive? If you truly have nothing to hide, why are you so afraid of getting reported?” Lin Qian's sentence managed to immediately stop the various allegations being thrown at him. Huo PingChuan also realized that he was behaving a little too guilty. He immediately lowered his face and said: “I just didn't expect our school to have students like you; total scrouges destroying our peaceful No. 12.” Meanwhile, Hong KeYi gathered her courage and stepped up. She was afraid that Huo PingChuan would use his authority as the Vice-Princ.i.p.al to suppress Lin Qian, so she quickly grabbed Lin Qian and said: “As the child here, you should just let us adults deal with things. You shouldn't be interfering.” Ke CaiZhu, who was firmly in Huo PingChuan's camp, refuted Hong KeYi in a sharp voice: “Today's matters can't just be swept up under the rug.” Lin Qian laughed, and with a reasonable tone, replied: “Of course this shouldn't be swept up. When we report things, we will dutifully recount every single detail, including Headteacher Ke's involvement.” Ke CaiZhu: “….”The other teachers: Definitely looking forward to it!!!

Ke CaiZhu was shaking in anger. “You…you…” She continuously stuttered, unable to say anything else.

Ke CaiZhu's power and imposing image mainly came from the students' natural awe of their teachers. If Lin Qian, the soul of the third year community, didn't respect her, then her usual means of intimidation would no longer be effective.

Huo PingChuan laughed angrily and said: “Alright, go ahead and report me, see if they find anything wrong with my actions. If they find even the smallest issue, I'll immediately resign without a single complaint.”

Huo PingChuan's words were very concise and firm. He was angry because he lost face in front of so many people, but contrary to what everyone thought, he wasn't actually afraid of being reported. With how wonderful his relations.h.i.+p was with several audit officials, Huo PingChuan doubted that Lin Qian's ‘threat' could ever last.

Meanwhile, Lin YaZhi was more than ready to hit something. He turned to his son and said: “Ah Qian, why don't you close your eyes for just a minute, I'll try to cover his mouth while I hit him. That way, you won't see or hear anything.”

Huo PingChuan was so indignant his voice cracked as he said: “Lin YaZhi, you think I can't take you?”

Lin Qian pulled Lin YaZhi back. “Dad, it's not worth it.”

Lin YaZhi was still very reluctant to back down, but he wanted to give his son face. So, in the end, he only growled: “Huo PingChuan, you get your wheelchair ready.”

“I'll be waiting to see just what you're capable of.” Huo PingChuan's eyes were blazing, and he opened his mouth to say more. But then a light voice suddenly sounded from the door. “Ooh, why is everyone gathering together? Did I interrupt a meeting?”

The sudden interruption broke the tense atmosphere in the office, making everyone relax a tiny fraction.

Everyone looked towards the office door, and it was Bai YanZhu who opened his mouth first. “Ah PingQing, what's the matter?”

Zheng PingQing's eyes narrowed into curved crescents, and his mouth stretched into a pure smile. “There was a question I couldn't understand, so I came to consult with the teacher.”

Of course, he didn't forget to praise himself. “I'm such a serious student, ah, simply too excellent and studious.”

Bai YaZhu was just too delighted. With a jolly laugh, he said: “Very true, I've even heard a few top students call you ‘Hardworking Zheng'.”

Zheng PingQing: “…”

Zheng PingQing pretended not to hear him. He walked over to Lin YaZhi and handed over his test paper. “Mr. Lin, this extra question was too difficult. I didn't understand it even after looking at it for a long time, so I've come to talk to you about it.”

Lin YaZhi reluctantly removed his gaze from Huo PingChuan and glanced at the test paper. After hesitating for a moment, he began explaining: “Although quite complex, it isn't difficult to solve. It's just that this condition in the question deliberately makes it confusing. Look at this…”

Lin YaZhi points to one of the sentences on the paper, reads it, then abruptly stops halfway through.

This specific question was written by the mathematics group's leader, Zhan KangBi and he was very proud of it. So when he saw that a student was specifically asking about it, he p.r.i.c.ked his ears and listened in. But after hearing Lin YaZhi's explanation, Zhan KangBi couldn't help but say: “Mr. Lin, you read it wrong, that condition isn't like that…”

Lin YaZhi looked at him strangely. “Mr. Zhan, I didn't read it wrong.”

Zhan KangBi's face suddenly changed. He stood up and ran to Lin YaZhi, grabbed the paper, and looked at its contents. His eyes widened.

Meanwhile, Lin Qian was composedly chatting with Zheng PingQing. “I also didn't understand that line. Mr. Zhan's problem was too difficult…”

Zheng PingQing looked very surprised: “No way, my remedial tutor is the best tutor in this entire school! There's no problem you can't solve!”

Lin Qian then made a hus.h.i.+ng gesture. “No need to shout.”

Meanwhile, Zhan KangBi's expression wasn't looking good. He ran towards his desk to get several spare test paper copies and looked through each one of them. After a while, he scratched the back of his head and said: “I think something went wrong with the printing. Did someone accidentally press a keyboard b.u.t.ton, ah? Or was it that I didn't look carefully…this condition is wrong…”

Lin YaZhi nodded. “If the conditions were changed like this, then the question should be unsolvable.”

With an astonished ‘Woah,' Zheng PingQing loudly commented: “How can there be no solution? Didn't a cla.s.smate successfully solve it?”

All the teachers suddenly had a change in their expressions. They all looked at Huo PingChuan.

Initially, when Huo PingChuan saw that Lin YaZhi's attention had s.h.i.+fted, he had wanted to walk away. But after hearing Zheng PingQing's words, Huo PingChuan's feet abruptly stopped.

Then, Zheng PingQing continued. His voice clear and penetrating, and it reached every ear in the quiet office.

“The f.u.c.k? The right answer can be calculated, even if the question was written wrong? What kind of G.o.d-like calculation is this, ah!”

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