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Ah Zhong looked at Jiang Baian's displeased face and hurriedly said, "I will immediately get someone to investigate it."

He turned to leave, but was stopped by Jiang Baian, "Wait, wait."

Seeing that Jiang Baian was trying to hold back his emotions, Ah Zhong asked, "You don't want me to investigate anymore?"

Jiang Baian gritted his teeth and said, "Tch! An investigation is a given! I'm definitely not going to let go of the instigator, but right now, it's more important to keep Anhe's reputation in the health care industry."

"In that case, Young Master An, what should we do?" Ah Zhong asked.

What to do? Jiang Baian hadn't considered how to deal with this crisis either.

He thought for a long time, then said, "Before those people exam our product, we should find someone to examine it first and publish the results ahead of them. We will tell them that our company's product has no problems and that the cases are false; that someone framed us!! If there is a problem with the products in their hands, then it must be a problem with the sales channel and an immoral employee must have framed our company."

Ah Zhong looked at Jiang Baian and felt this solution wasn't good.

The netizens and consumers these days were smart. If the vendor threw the responsibility onto unrelated promoters, businesses, or even the consumers themselves, then the consumers would naturally abandon their product.

He moved his lips, wanting to persuade Jiang Baian, but Jiang Baian was already waving impatiently, "Why are you still standing around? Hurry, go!"

Ah Zhong couldn't say anything so he nodded his head and turned to leave.

After Jiang Baian was left alone in the office, he immediately slapped his hand on the table.

The person that was opposing him blindly was bound to regret what he did.

Fang Zhihan's face appeared in Jiang Baian's mind.

That day, at the Jiang Family home, the things that Fang Zhihan said made it apparent that he knew about his relations.h.i.+p with Anhe Health.

Was he the one that created this drama?

He wouldn't be.

Since Fang Zhihan knew about his relations.h.i.+p with Anhe Health, then he definitely knew that by messing with Anhe Health, there was a possibility of implicating Jiang Corporation.

In that case, who could it be?


Anhe Health was a company listed on the stock market. Although Jiang Baian wanted to save it, the stocks plummeted and collapsed.

Jiang Baian sent out a legal notice claiming that the company was framed and he had the intention to sue the person that started the rumors.

He also asked someone to hire a few experts and gave them money to make posts on social media, appear on television, and use other fancy tricks to promote Anhe Health.

But, it was not effective at all. The complaints against Anhe Health did not stop.

In fact, it was already at the stage where the netizens attacked anyone that tried to support Anhe Health.

Jiang Baian could only watch as his various methods failed to save Anhe Health. In the end, an investigation team was sent in to investigate the company. Jiang Baian knew that if someone was arrested, then the company name would fall to ruins.

Left with no other option, Jiang Baian got someone to spread the word online that Anhe Health was actually a subsidiary of Jiang Corporation.

Anhe Health needed to use Jiang Corporation's reputation to protect itself.

When Elder Jiang saw it, he fainted in anger.

It frightened Jiang Qi so much she began to cry. In the end, Elder Jiang was sent to the hospital. Even though Elder Jiang was fine after he came out of emergency, his freshly recovered body fell weak again.

By mentioning Jiang Corporation, the focus on Anhe Health died down and everyone turned their anger and grievances towards Jiang Corporation instead.

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