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But Shen Longxuan slowed down, he smiled, "Clean up the trash, and help the two of you vent your anger!"

Xiaohe and Master Turtle finally saw a group of people blocking their path in the sky in front of them.

Of course, they knew that this was something Shen Longxuan had done on purpose. If he wanted to leave, these people definitely wouldn't be able to stop him. Among the crowd, there were many familiar faces. However, they were not friends, but enemies who were chasing them.

"Hahaha …" The information is very accurate, you really came here to go to the Moon Clan, right? Unfortunately, your path has come to an end! "

"Brother, that little girl with wings is quite pretty. Why don't you stay and let us brothers enjoy ourselves? How about this, I'll take the little girl. The rest is yours."

"Brother, heroes think alike! Shall we go together? "

Facing this group of people's insults, Xiaohe was already angered. Shen Longxuan pulled her hand, "Leave it to me, you guys watch!"

After Shen Longxuan finished speaking, a gentle force sent the two of them out. In the next moment, his figure suddenly disappeared, and before the people in front of them could finish laughing, they felt as if they were stuck in a quagmire.

Regardless of their cultivation levels, all they saw was a flash of golden light before their eyes, yet they themselves could not even make a move. Dozens of people were imprisoned in the air just like that.

Just a moment ago, they were still showing off their might, but now, they were filled with a deep sense of despair. It truly was a thought of heaven and a thought of h.e.l.l.

The next moment, he saw his comrade's hand leave his body. Almost at the same time, his own arm also felt pain. He could only feel it because they couldn't even lower their heads.

After which, the other hand of their companion fell as well. Their hands and feet were slowly sliced off by the golden light, yet they still maintained their clarity of mind, as though this method was a form of punishment to them.

Everyone was filled with despair, especially those who had just spoken rudely. They were in the most miserable state. Their bodies were being sliced off piece by piece, and they were truly hacked into pieces. That sort of pain was magnified a million times in this atmosphere.

They couldn't even self-destruct when they wanted to. As time pa.s.sed, their bodies were torn apart, shredded into pieces, and their flesh and blood splattered everywhere. Eventually, they were turned into ashes.

Of course, this was in their minds, and the pain seemed to last for a very long time.

But in reality, all of this did not even take a single breath of time, just as Xiaohe and Yue Shan stood, the battle was already over.

There were dozens of martial cultivator with powerful cultivations, amongst them there were many Peak of Martial Sovereign Stage, but no matter what cultivation, they were all in Shen Longxuan's s.p.a.ce of extreme velocity, and disappeared like smoke in thin air.

"This... Your excellency wouldn't have hidden everyone, right? "

"Little Turtle, what's with that look? Those people were all killed by the adults just now. They were all killed well, hahaha …"

"It's such a simple matter. Why does the lord want us to hide so far away?"


Before the two of them could finish their words, they heard an earth-shaking explosion. After hearing it, they felt that there were no other sounds in the world. When they raised their heads to look into the distance, they were stunned by the scene before them.

A fierce golden light exploded within a circ.u.mference of several hundred meters around Shen Longxuan, like a gigantic sun, causing spatial cracks to appear everywhere within the sun.

There was a huge black hole in the middle of the area. Thunder and lightning were released from the black hole, and the violent roaring sound came from it. The golden light and the crack in s.p.a.ce were sucked into the black hole in the middle in the blink of an eye.

The entire explosion lasted for the time of two breaths, but the damage caused was incalculable. Even though the two of them were quite a distance away, they were still sent flying by the aftermath of the explosion.

"Cough, cough, cough …" Little Turtle, now do you know why you have to stay away from us? "

"Darn, not only has Lord Gui stopped moving after sleeping for a few years, he's instead become many times more powerful. This must be an amazing Turtle Aura Technique. It's not fair, it should be from our Turtle clan. How did Lord Gui hold onto it?"

After the short interlude, Xiaohe's mood became a lot happier. Along the way, he talked about the history of the past few years, but Master Turtle was thinking how he could get such a Turtle Aura Technique from Shen Longxuan.

After four hours, the three of them arrived at the location of Moon Clan, and the faces of Shen Longxuan and the other two turned ugly. They clearly remembered that there were towering giant tree s everywhere and beautiful wooden houses on the trees.

But now, there was not a single trace of green in front of their eyes. It disappeared!

"That's impossible!" When I came here last month, this place was still the same, but why did it become like this now? Was Big Sister Yue Lan killed? "

Xiaohe asked worriedly.

But no one could answer her.

This was a special use of the eye of profound dragon. It could see through the weakness and also the barrier, this was a move that Shen Longxuan would often use in battle.

In his eyes, the scenery in front of him had suddenly undergone a huge change. He saw a gigantic array formation enveloping the outskirts of Moon Clan, and what they saw were illusions created by the array.

The real Moon Clan did not receive any injuries, but Shen Longxuan knew that this array was definitely not set up by the Moon Clan, and was set up by others to isolate the Moon Clan.

In other words, the Moon Clan was in trouble now.

Shen Longxuan quietly brought Xiaohe and the other two and left. They hid themselves and prepared to attack when it was dark.

Time flew, and in the blink of an eye, the starry sky replaced the blazing sun. Shen Longxuan and the other two transformed into black robes, once again arriving in front of the Moon Clan's Ancestral Land. They did not know how strong the other party was, but they would be able to pose a threat to the Moon Clan, so they shouldn't be too weak.

Therefore, Shen Longxuan did not dare to send out his divine sense, and only used his soul's super strong senses along with the Dragon's Eye to probe around and enter the array.

"Master, guess who did this? Would Sister Yue Lan be okay? Are we walking into a trap? "

"Shh!" Don't say anything, be careful not to get discovered! "

Shen Longxuan and the other two pa.s.sed through the formation, and finally saw the true Moon Clan's Ancestral Land. Although it was no different from how it was before, Shen Longxuan still felt that a little of its vitality had been lost.

The place that should have had sentries was actually empty. Many of the huts above the giant tree were empty, he did not know where all the Moon Clan people had gone to.

"Hide!" Shen Longxuan pa.s.sed the Sound Transmitting to the two of them.

They chose the nearest giant tree and hid inside the tree house.

From afar, a patrol squad walked out, led by a woman. She looked to be from Moon Clan, with both men and women following behind her, but it was obvious that they were without a doubt from Moon Clan.

"Sister Hua, when will our days end? This is our territory, why should we listen to them? "

"That's right, Sister Hua. If we can't do it, we'll just fight them. These people are too hateful. If they didn't capture the Patriarch and threaten us, they would have already fought them."

"Be quiet, if they hear us, we'll be in trouble. At that time, we'll implicate the clan leader in his suffering …"

Shen Longxuan frowned, who exactly were these people from the Moon Clan s?

Furthermore, from the Moon Clan's tone, Yue Lan had already been controlled, which was why Moon Clan was being manipulated and did many things he did not want to do.

"Looks like saving Yue Lan is the key. Xiaohe, do you have a way to directly contact Yue Lan?" Shen Longxuan's Sound Transmitting.

Xiaohe thought for a while, then said, "Many years ago, when we were together, there was a pair of bracelets for each of us. If she was still wearing it, I could contact her!"

Then, Xiaohe closed his eyes.

Master Turtle pulled Shen Longxuan and indicated him to look at the tree.

Shen Longxuan looked over, and saw two black figures sneakily following behind the patrol. Shen Longxuan saw very clearly that the cultivation levels of the two were Martial Sovereign Stage s.

The highest cultivation level the patrolling team had was only Martial Emperor Stage, so no one would be able to notice them following him, and it was very possible that they had already heard their conversation.

At this moment, the two of them seemed to be discussing how to deal with the patrol in front of them.

"Brother, when we catch those people in front of us, I want to lead that woman!"

"Shut up, we did not come here to play with women, do not forget our responsibilities. According to the reliable sources, Shen Longxuan will be coming to Moon Clan tonight, you better watch and watch."

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