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Quentin was delighted that Bri's breathing quickened and that she is responding to his kiss. The feeling of her lips moving against his is divine.

His free hand moved around Bri's waist and he applied slight pressure, pulling her on him while his tongue made its way inside her mouth, exploring it systematically, like he is searching for something.

Bri spread her knees how much the seat allowed, and her body lowered just enough for her to feel the bulge on his crotch area with her core. She is not sure if his kiss became deeper because of that, but she knew that she is much more sensitive than he is. Quentin is wearing jeans pants, while her knee-length dress moved higher around her so the only padding between her and his jeans is provided by the fine fabric of her panties… which is not much.

Quentin was lost in the kiss. If there is a scale of one to ten for a.s.sessing the pleasure a kiss can bring, Bri is a strong eleven. Absolutely off the charts!

Her tongue danced with his, teased him by going deeper and sliding over his while twisting slightly, and it was the best thing ever.

He was never so turned on by just kissing.

Quentin's grip on Bri's waist increased and he thrusted with his hips upward, desperately trying to find a release to the pressure which was building inside him exponentially, and he was surprised when she moaned in his mouth. Oh, G.o.d! That was the s.e.xiest moan he ever heard, and he heard a lot of them.

Quentin enjoyed the way she was grinding on him and part of him could not believe that this is his fiery G.o.ddess. She is amazing! He was not pleased when she lifted herself up, but then he paused when he felt her unb.u.t.toning his jeans. Well, he is not against it, but he prefers a different location. Something more private.

A low growl formed in the back of his throat when he felt her weight back on him.

Brianna didn't remove Quentin's underwear, and the sensation is telling him that her panties are on as well. But without the thick jeans, he can feel her heat and while she moved her moisture mixed with his pre-c.u.m and he was sure that he is going to explode when she increased the pace of her gliding up and down his length.

Brianna knew that this is not the place, and Quentin is probably not the right guy considering his history in dating… but she had a need to get it out of her system. His kiss was much better than she antic.i.p.ated, making her lose herself and by the time she realized what is going on, she was grinding herself on him with only their underwear in-between them and it was amazing. He was rock-solid and large and the sensation of him pressing her core was out of this world.
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She felt his arm move from her hip, and his scorching palm moved under her dress and up her thigh on the side, to the edge of her panties. He gripped the silky fabric and paused, like he is contemplating what to do with it, and then his palm moved toward her b.u.t.tocks. His unexpectedly strong grip made her gasp and at the same time increased her need for more. More pressure, more speed, more Quentin…

Her smooth and rhythmical movements over his length became heavier and jerky as her climax was building up.

Quentin matched her with his hips perfectly, meeting her right at the center of her pleasure, hitting it mercilessly over and over again, giving her what she needs while enjoying the way she is gripping his shoulders. And he knew that she is getting there when she lost control over her kiss.

Quentin swallowed the cry which spilled out of Brianna while her body shuddered in ecstasy.

She panted on top of him, unsure what to say while waiting for the strength to seep back into her limbs so that she can return into her seat.

"Thank you…", she said after some time.

He chuckled. "You are welcome. Anytime."

Quentin gave her a long lingering kiss before releasing her so that she can go to her seat.

Brianna saw that he paused when he reached for his pants to b.u.t.ton them up. She could not see his expression in the dark, but she a.s.sumed that it can't be pleasant.

She cleared her throat awkwardly. "Sorry about that. I guess I owe you a pair of underwear."

Quentin tucked his still hard member to the side and b.u.t.toned up his jeans before turning toward Brianna. "Don't worry about it. I will preserve these and treat them like a treasure."

Brianna stifled a laugh.

"So…", Quentin hesitated. "Did I improve my standing or am I still a six?"

Brianna can hear that even with hesitation, his tone was full of confidence. She didn't want to inflate his ego, but she can't deny the obvious. "Your standing improved."

"To…?", he persisted.

"A nine. At least…", Brianna didn't want to admit that this was her best make-out session ever and that she wants more.

Quentin traced the edge of her jaw with his index finger. "I believe that your scoring is discriminatory, but I will take it."

He leaned closer to her. "A nine… What are my privileges with a nine?"

"What?" She heard him, but she could not believe that he asked that.

"You said that in order to get another kiss, I need to be at least an eight." Quentin pecked her lips. "I see that a score nine allows me to kiss you. What else I get? There must be more than what I would get with an eight…"

Brianna inched closer and bit his lip hard. He grunted in protest and she didn't let go until she felt a metallic taste on the tip of her tongue.

"You can kiss me because I'm allowing you to. Not because of the score. Tell me what you want besides kisses and I will tell you if it's possible."

Quentin licked his lips, confirming that Bri was biting until she tasted blood. He knows that it was a punishment for acting impudent and he adjusted his mood. He does not want to offend his fiery G.o.ddess.

"I want to take you out for dinner. Just the two of us."

"Uhm… you know that I'm visiting Liz, right?"

"And?", Quentin does not see that as a problem.

Brianna paused while thinking if she should accept or not. She knows that it's risky, Quentin is too intense, but she came to have fun. And she is having fun with him. As long as she does not think of this as anything more than a weekend adventure, it will be OK. She will not allow herself to think of anything more than that with a man like Quentin.

"I need to let Liz know that I have other plans for dinner. But only on one condition."

Quentin's smile fell. "What is it?"

"Don't make me end up on some sleazy website which lists your dates."

Quentin promised that it will not happen.

The show was over few minutes later and Bri headed straight to the restroom. She was happy to see that the ladies' room has a dispensing machine for liners. Without a change of underwear, the liner will do its job to keep the uncomfortable wetness away from her body.

When she got out, Quentin showed her a text on his phone…

[Max]: "I'm having dinner with Liz. If Bri is still with you, tell her that the girls need to manage without Liz."

Bri smiled. This makes it easier because she is not the first one to break out of the trio for dinner.

She wondered why Max didn't text her. He has her number. She checked her phone and remembered that she turned it off before the show.

When her phone powered on, she received a text from Max as well.

Bri called Mia to let he know that she will have a dinner with Quentin. She asked Mia if that is OK and Mia a.s.sured her that it's not a problem.

The two of them are roommates and best friends, but they don't do everything together. Both of them are independent and it is not a big deal if their schedules don't match.

A minute later…

"OK. Where now?", Bri asked Quentin after she ended her talk with Mia.

"Do you need to change your clothes? I know I do."

Bri immediately understood that it's because of her. If her panties are wet, his underwear is much worse because she was rubbing on him.

Quentin didn't allow her to feel awkward.

He asked Bri about her clothing size and food preferences while they made their way to his car.

Before starting the car, Quentin sent few texts. He told her that he texted his a.s.sistant, but he didn't say why. Bri didn't care about the details. It's nothing related to her, she thought.


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