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Chapter 109: The n.o.ble Arbitural Tribunal
Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

"Your status is not high enough to accuse me" Abel's voice came out of his voice with a hint of ridicule and mockery.

"Please testify with your ident.i.ty!" The two judges did not get angry. As long as the person was not stupid, no one would not have the guts to say nonsense in the n.o.ble arbitral tribunal.

"Ok!" Abel took out a coat of arms medal from his chest pocket and handed it towards the two judges. Newton was already interested to see what it was, but the body of one of the judges blocked him.

In a blink of an eye, one of the judges had already handed the coat of arm medal back to Abel. They then said with an earnest voice, "Sorry, the honorable baron. You will be treated according to your status!"

"Baron?" As soon as Newton heard these words, he felt like he was going to blackout. His legs felt like they could not even support him. Since when did Duchy of Carmel have a Baron at this age. Who was this person he had offended?

"It's fake. There's no doubt. It's fake," Newton shouted. He had already put almost everything on this bet. If any of these circ.u.mstances was exposed, it could yield in horrific results. He would either be murder by Novice Wizard Sam or kicked out of his family.

"Excuse me, Mr. judge representing the G.o.ddess of justice and order. Newton has disrespected my family coat of arms and disregarded the dignity of the n.o.ble arbitral tribunal in front of you!" Abel said in a monotone voice.

"We can no longer handle this matter, honorable baron. We will ask one of the duty chiefs of judges to serve you. Please have a seat and drink a cup of coffee!" One of the judges waved at a servant to deliver a cup of coffee to Abel and gave the other judge an eye signal.

The other judge bowed to Abel and walked off.

Seeing Abel sitting, enjoying a cup of coffee, filling the room with aroma, Newton knew something was not right. To sit down here and enjoy a coffee, this baron must not be ordinary. He must be a baron with some even more frightening status.

As soon as that judge walked off, a middle-aged man with the same G.o.ddess of justice and order printed uniform had walked towards Abel. The only difference about his uniform was that it had a few extra gold strips, which made it look more luxurious. He said to Abel, "The honorable Master Abel, Chief of judges Randle is here to serve you."

"The respectable chief of judges, Mr. Randle. The Benson family has made a laughable accusation towards me. As an outstanding military service baron and a Blacksmith Master, they accused me of stealing gold coins from Newton and disrespecting their family's coat of arms!" Said Abel with an intense sense of mockery.

"Excuse me, Mr. Newton, you said that baron Abel had stolen your gold coins and disrespected your family coat of arms. Can you provide some details on where and when he had stolen your gold coins and disrespected your family coat of arms?" The chief of judges asked Newton.

Newton was not prepared to be asked these sudden questions. At first, this was only a setup. As long as he could escort Abel out of Bakong City to Murray City, and find someone to a.s.sa.s.sinate him along the way, this plan would be perfect. However, this chief of judges, Randle was not partnered with the Benson family. Newton did not know how to reply at all when he was being asked these questions out of a sudden. As he stared into the cold eyes of the chief of judges, Newton began to panic, and he blurted out, "yesterday in the magic tower, in the magic tower, he had disrespected my family's coat of arms."

Abel gently took the hood of the robe off his head, exposing a face that is so young that was unduly. His face was filled with smile and said, "Mr. Newton, you seemed to forget that you had already been kicked out of the magic tower a few days ago. Also, with your current status, would you carry your family's coat of arms medal around?"

A family coat of arms medal could only be carried by the head of the family and his inheritance. If other members of the family wanted to use it, it could only be shown through something like a coat of arms etched horse carriage or a flag.

"Arrest Newton!" The chief of judges, Randle shouted. As soon as these words filled the room, two public security guards held Newton down. By that point, they could no longer care about Newton. They could only hope to put forward their best behavior in front of baron Abel to preserve their lives.

The chief of judges then turned to Abel and said: "what demands do you have for this situation!"

"If the Benson family doesn't pay enough compensation for this, I will request a family arbitration!" said Abel calmly.

However, to the chief of judges, what Abel had said was not as calm as they say he said it. Family arbitration meant that Abel wanted bring this situation to the highest court of the n.o.ble arbitration tribunal with the highest-ranking judge. The winner of the n.o.ble arbitration would inherit half of the losing family's a.s.sets. It was not a simple process, and it was a battle between the connection and power of each family. The one who could influence the highest judge the most would be the winner.

As soon as the arrested Newton heard these words, he couldn't help but feet a sense of hope. He had never even heard of Abel's family. How could they be more powerful than the Benson family. If the family arbitration took place, the Benson family would win without a doubt.

"No need to think, we are willing to pay as much as baron Abel wants" an old man's voice filled the hall as a suited old man walked in.

"Head of the family!" Newton was dumbstruck as he stared at the older man entering.

The suited old man folly gazed at the tide up Newton and turned to Abel. He then gave him a bow and said, " the honorable baron Abel. Our family felse deep regret that we had produced a sc.u.m of the community like ths. The Benson family are willing to repay you with two shops located in Tian Jing Avenue, and a courtyard outside of Bakong City.

Both of the judge and the chief of judges had been stunned by the value of the compensation the head of the Benson family was willing to pay. Newton, on the other hand, could do nothing but s.h.i.+ve. He had understood that this young baron named Abel was someone with an extremely high status that even the Benson family couldn't afford to offend. He had committed a great mistake. There was no way he could fix what he had done.

TianJing Avenue was the main road of Bakong city. Every shop on that road would cost more than 100 thousand gold coins, but still, no one would be willing to give up one of these shops in the ultimate estate of the Duchy of Carmel. The lands outside of Bakong city was extremely high as well, and every courtyard had its unique style. Although the head of the Benson family did not explicitly state which courtyard, it shouldn't be an ordinary courtyard considering their wealth.

Abel returned the bow and said, "the honorable head of the Benson family, I accept your compensation!"

After the head of the Benson family heard that Abel had accepted their compensation, he let out a breath of relief. Although ordinary people did not know, as the head of one of the four leading families of Bakong City, how could he not know about this young baron's connection with head commander Hopkins.

How the event had taken place had been covered up by someone. However, the head of the Benson family knew about every single detail from head commander Hopkins bow to Abel, to his promise that no one in Bakong city would be allowed to attack Abel. Today, he had gotten the information that his family's Newton had used the family's power to accuse a young student of wizardry named Abel. Therefore, he quickly rushed here just in case the student of wizardry that Newton was charging was baron Abel. Just as he had expected, as soon as he arrived, he could hear baron Abel's complaint.

If the family arbitration had taken place, or that head commander Hopkins had decided to seek revenge, the Benson family could not uphold these two circ.u.mstances. Head commander Hopkins had just stated no one in Bakong city could attack Abel, and a member of his family set up to Abel. This was an insult to head commander Hopkin. Imagine if he found out about this. The head of the Benson family couldn't help but feel chills running down his spine.

Therefore, the head of the Benson family had to rush here by himself and pay a hefty compensation, hoping Abel could understand and solve this situation as soon as possible.

The head of the Benson family bowed to Abel again and said, "Thank you for forgiving the wrongdoing of the Benson family, I will escort Newton to Murray city and make sure he could never return!"

Abel replied with a smile, "I am delighted with your decision! I believe the Benson family and I can be friends!"

As Abel was walking out of the n.o.ble arbitral tribunal, he rejected the chief of judges, Randle's aspirations to help him get to his destination. Abel waved at a rental horse carriage outside. As he was sitting in the horse carriage, he couldn't help but laugh. Novice Wizard Sam wanted him to find any resource that might be useable, as soon as he stepped out someone had automatically delivered resources to him. It seemed like he would need to come back to the n.o.ble arbitral tribunal again tomorrow to take care of another compensation.

Many people were frightened by the n.o.ble arbitral tribunal, but Abel's impression of it was very positive. It could turn a lot of the unknown hidden a.s.sets of Abel into wealth that he could freely and officially spend in bright daylight.

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