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The sudden changes shocked everyone, especially the blood holes in the temples of the member of the Scorpion Organization, which made everyone feel chilling.


There was another light sound! Hearing that, the crowd trembled and followed the sound, only to see the eyes of the member of the Scorpion Organization, who was controlling Tang Rou, were bulged and the blood holes on both sides of the temple were particularly dazzling. He looked incredulous!


He fell heavily to the ground.

"A ghost... Leader, there's a ghost here..." The member of the Scorpion Organization, who were controlling Tang Wenyan, screamed in horror, and unconsciously released Tang Wenyan.


The leading big man slapped him and shouted angrily, "Calm down! There's no f*cking ghost in the world. We have killed countless people. If there were any ghosts, they would have come to us for revenge."

Elder Gui narrowed his eyes slightly. This scene was so familiar. He looked up and saw a colorful snake standing with its head held high in the top of the car behind the members of the Scorpion Organization.

"Here he comes."

Elder Gui couldn't help but relax, and smile appeared on his face. The ghost was not terrible, but the G.o.d was terrible.

After the leader scolded his subordinates, he turned around and saw the smile on Elder Gui's face. He couldn't help being confused and asked, "Old man, what are you laughing at?"

Elder Gui pointed at his back, smiling but not speaking.

Then the members of the Scorpion Organization turned to look at it, and could not help but step back.

They saw a colorful snake standing on the top of the car. What was more strange was that the snake was looking at them, too, and its cold eyes were disdainful.

Yes, they were sure they were right. This beautiful snake despised them.

"Leader, they are not killed by this little snake, are they?" A member of the Scorpion Organization swallowed his saliva and said difficultly.

"Bullsh*t! How could a snake kill..."

Before the leader finished speaking, he saw the colorful snake pa.s.sing like lightning. The member of the Scorpion Organization who had spoken before raised his hand in fear, but fell down powerlessly in the air, falling to the ground. The blood holes on both temples seemed to satirize the leader.

The leading man was stiff and his eyes were dull. The remaining two members of the Scorpion Organization were even worse, shaking in fear.

"LeLeader..." A member of the Scorpion Organization wanted to say something, but he couldn't say a complete sentence.

However, his words woke up the leader, who then roared, "Catch them."

This little snake came to save the Tang Family. If they caught the hostages, they would have a chance to win.

Unfortunately, he forgot that those people died while they were controlling the Tang Family. So, hearing what he said, the remaining two members of the Scorpion Organization didn't start, but retreated a few steps instead.


The leader was stunned first, and then was furious. Then he turned around and grabbed the nearest Tang Rou. But when he extended his hand half way, he suddenly stopped, as if he had been bitten by a poisonous snake, and retreated quickly. He didn't stop until he retreated for more than ten meters and looked at Tang Rou in horror.

He saw a handsome young man standing beside Tang Rou.

"Who is he? How did he appear? Why didn't I realize it?"

"Brother Chu Xun!" Tang Rou exclaimed in surprise.

"I'm sorry I'm late. Are you okay?" Chu Xun touched her little head as usual.

"I'm fine." Tang Rou's face was pale and obviously she had been frightened. But in order not to let Chu Xun worry, she still said that she was okay.

Chu Xun narrowed his eyes slightly and pity for her flashed in his eyes. Then he looked at Tang Wenyan and Song Ci and said, "Are you okay, uncle and aunt?"

"I'm fine. Fortunately, you're here," said Song Ci.

Tang Wenyan shook his head awkwardly to show that he was okay.

Chu Xun didn't know that Tang Wenyan had already known his ident.i.ty. He thought he was scared, so he didn't think much about it.


All members of the Dragon Eagle Gang here bowed to show respect.

"h.e.l.lo, Sir!"

Chu Xun glanced at Elder Gui slightly and strangely asked, "Why are you here?"

Elder Gui bowed slightly, and began to say what had happened tonight in detail.

When he said that Tang Rou had been slapped, a kind of terrible pressure rose from Chu Xun, and the air around him suddenly solidified. Except for the Tang Family, everyone else was trembling, and there were sweats on their forehead. They felt like that they were born down on with the weight of Mount Tai and that they would be crushed to powder in the next moment.

"Please calm down, Sir... We have severely punished Hu Jin and his son," Elder Gui said painfully.

Chu Xun looked at Elder Gui coldly and said, "How did you severely punish them? Tell me."

Elder Gui felt less pressure. He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and hurriedly said the means of punishment again.

The Tang Family had left early, so they didn't know what had happened later. Hearing what Elder Gui said, they couldn't help but widen their eyes.

"You've done a good job," Chu Xun said lightly.

When Chu Xun finished speaking, Elder Gui felt that the pressure on his body dispersed quickly, like the tide.

"Thank you, Sir!"

"Go on," said Chu Xun.

Elder Gui continued saying. This time Chu Xun had no emotional fluctuation, until Elder Gui finished.

"Uncle, aunt, and Rourou, I'll ask someone to send you back first."

"Okay..." Song Ci didn't want to stay here for a long time.

Tang Wenyan was even more eager to leave.

Only Tang Rou didn't want to, but was finally dragged away by Song Ci.

Seeing the Tang Family being escorted away, the Scorpion Organization didn't have the courage to stop them. Although Chu Xun had done nothing from the beginning, his momentum made them s.h.i.+ver.

"The Scorpion Organization?" Chu Xun looked at the leader and said indifferently, "You shouldn't hurt to my people."

The leading man was very tense. He couldn't help but ask, "What do you want?"

Chu Xun looked at him with great interest and said, "Elder Gui said that what you practice is Hard Cross Training, and your body is as hard as a rock. So, take my one attack. If you can resist it, you can live. If you can't, stay here forever."

The leader's eyes twinkled.

The other two members of the Scorpion Organization came close to the leader and whispered, "Leader... are we being bluffed? Even that old man is no match for you. Why are you afraid of a suckling boy?"

The leader was stunned. "Yes, what's the matter with me? I'm actually frightened by a young man!" But when he looked up at Chu Xun, his eyes suddenly contracted.

He saw that horrible colorful snake was playing with Chu Xun's fingers.

"You have another choice. That's playing with it." Chu Xun looked at the h.e.l.lish around his fingers.

The leader's look changed when he heard that. For him, the colorful snake was more terrible than Chu Xun. Because his men were killed by this little snake.

"Its name is h.e.l.lish. I know what you are worried about. I can ask it to give up its fast speed. How about that?"

The eyes of the three people couldn't help but brighten. What they were afraid of was the speed of the little snake. If there was no such fast speed, a common snake wasn't scary at all.

"Are you seriously?" The leader couldn't help asking.

Chu Xun nodded.

The three looked very happy.

Elder Gui couldn't help shaking his head. Sir was indeed powerful and didn't need to personally attack. When he just stood there, he gave people a feeling that no one could defeat him. The leader of the Scorpion Organization was arrogant before, but now he was at the mercy of Chu Xun.

"Come on!"

The leading man and the remaining two exchanged a few words in a low voice, and then stepped forward two steps.

"h.e.l.lish, it's your show time. This time you're allowed to get back to your normal shape," Chu Xun said with a smile.


h.e.l.lish raised its head and let out a low roar. But it scared everyone. "Is it still a snake?"

It slipped from Chu Xun's palm to the ground and swam slowly towards the three people in the opposite.

Seeing that h.e.l.lish was so slow, the three looked at each other and looked happy.

"Leader, take a rest. I'll chop its little head for you." A member of the Scorpion Organization said casually as he pulled out a black dagger from behind and strode towards h.e.l.lish.

He came to h.e.l.lish after few steps, wielded his dagger, and chopped its head.

Elder Gui and others couldn't help worrying. After all, in their view, h.e.l.lish's most terrible ability was its speed.

The other two members of the Scorpion Organization showed joy on their faces.

Only Chu Xun showed slight satire in his eyes, but his look was calm as usual.


The dagger struck h.e.l.lish's head, but it made a sound of metals colliding.

Everyone was shocked. They followed the sound, only to see that the member of the Scorpion Organization was stunned and looking at the dagger with a gape in his hand.

Then they looked at h.e.l.lish. It shook its head, seeming to be disdainful, and continued to swim forward.

People couldn't help stiffening.


h.e.l.lish roared again, waking up everyone, who then looked at it again. But as soon as they saw h.e.l.lish, their faces were occupied by shock and fear. They stiffened again and s.h.i.+vered.

The colorful little snake, which was originally as big as the small thumb and 20 centimeters long, became a prehistoric monster in the blink of an eye.

At this time, h.e.l.lish was more than ten feet long. Its head was as big as a mountain and was too thick for an adult to hold. The colorful scales on the body were giving off metallic l.u.s.ter. The cold eyes were looking down at the leader and the other two of the Scorpion Organization.


The member of the Scorpion Organization, who had used the dagger to cut h.e.l.lish's head, suddenly fell to the ground, and the dagger fell to one side.

h.e.l.lish turned its huge head to take a look at him, then its huge snake tail rose and fell down.


The ground trembled with a loud noise.

When h.e.l.lish moved his tail, the people were scared to death. They saw that the member of the Scorpion Organization had already become a pile of muddy flesh, and there was even a gap of about two meters wide on the ground.


It was the sound of an object falling to the ground, which made everyone tremble.

Now they were extremely nervous. Any sound was enough to make them breakdown.

They turned heads to see and saw that another member of the Scorpion Organization had fallen to the ground. His mouth was wide, his eyes were bulged, and his face was pale. He had already had no breath. It seemed that he was scared to death.

The leader was no better than them. He was frozen in place, motionless. He dared not look back even when his only one subordinate died.

"Creak... crack..."

The sounds of bone breaking scared everyone!

h.e.l.lish had wrapped around the leader at some time.

The leader woke up suddenly and tried to get rid of it, but it was in vain. His Hard Cross Training was so weak and ridiculous when he was entangled by h.e.l.lish.

"Forgive me... please spare me. I'm willing to do everything for you... please forgive me..."

The leader totally collapsed.

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