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In the end, Ye Jiao had to make sure that she didn't lose out against Mu Xin. The two of them spared for hours, to the point that they were completely drenched in sweat. However, the winner of their little spar hadn't appeared even then.

"Misses, it's almost dinner time," w.a.n.g Jun said as he sighed. He entered the training room not long ago to remind Mu Xin about dinner. However, the two of them were still in the middle of training their body.

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"Wait a minute."

The two girls stepped forward; one swung the wooden sword from below while the other one swung the sword from above. The two swords clashed with one another.


Mu Xin and Ye Jiao both retreated to the back. Before long, they already dashed forward once again. Their wooden swords were ready to clash with one another.


"This should be enough," w.a.n.g Jun caught both of their sword. His movement was far swifter and faster than the two of them combine. "You need to rest, Miss Mu Xin and Miss Ye Jiao."

Mu Xin frowned. "Don't disturb me, w.a.n.g Jun. You should just practice so you can enter the third rank faster."

"I can't do that, Miss," w.a.n.g Jun smiled. "My task is to monitor you and help out in your practice."

"You're annoying," Mu Xin was still dissatisfied with the lack of training she had. However, she was not a match against w.a.n.g Jun, especially because this man had reached the peak of second rank. It would take a few more months for this man to enter the third rank.

Ye Jiao lowered her sword obediently. Near the dinner time, she found out that w.a.n.g Jun would always appear here to escort her back and reminded Mu Xin for her dinner. At first, she thought that it was weird, but Mu Xin told her that w.a.n.g Jun was partially her father's servant. Her father asked this man to monitor her after dinner time to make sure that she didn't overwork.

Originally, Mu Xin hated the arrangement, but she didn't have any other choice. Sneaking out to train was clearly impossible, so she had to obediently sleep and wait until it was morning to train again.

"It's part of my nature," w.a.n.g Jun smiled.

Mu Xin turned around. "You're wasting your talent if you're just watching me. It'll be better to train. You're a genius that reach rank 2 at the age of 16."

"If that age is considered as genius, I wonder what word would be suitable for you, Miss."

Mu Xin's talent was slightly higher than w.a.n.g Jun, allowing her to advance faster than this man if one tried to count their age. She didn't look at the young man again as she patted Ye Jiao's shoulder. "Don't forget to come two days later. We're going to have fun in the festival."

"Ok," Ye Jiao smiled.

Mu Xin flicked a glance to w.a.n.g Jun. "I'm going to eat dinner first. You should hurry if you want to eat."

"I understand, Miss," w.a.n.g Jun replied politely. He turned around to Ye Jiao. "Miss, if you please?"

"Let's go."

As usual, w.a.n.g Jun escorted Ye Jiao back to her residence swiftly. The time it took for their journey lessened greatly as Ye Jiao could feel that this man must be nearing breakthrough point. If he could become a rank 3 within a year, he would be one among several talented students in this kingdom.

"We've arrived."

Ye Jiao jumped down. She smiled sweetly. "Thank you very much for escorting me, Jun Ge."

"Rest well," w.a.n.g Jun bid his farewell before disappearing into the darkness once again.

Ye Jiao has gotten used with the man's att.i.tude after being escorted for an entire year. She wished that she could travel by herself, but after looking at the map, she chose not to attempt it. Wei Family Residence was located at the west of the city while Mu Family Residence was located at the south of the capital city.

If she tried to walk, she might take more than an hour with her small feet. It would be better to just leave it to the expert.

Ye Jiao lowered her gaze to her arm and abdomen. When she heard that Mu Xin would start forming the latter's core, she also yearned to form hers. However, she hadn't felt full yet. The amount of Eon Energy in her abdomen has filled the entire s.p.a.ce from a month ago thanks to the training room filled with abundant energy and the stoves in her room.

Her speed when she used them was doubled compared when she was still living with her father and only absorbed from nature. Even though there was a time when she absorbed the Eon Energy from the special room in school, it took a long time to pull them into her abdomen because she has just started learning.

'it's already full, yet I still can pull more Eon Energy.'

She didn't understand why, but even if she tried to pull more Eon Energy, her stomach accepted them. There shouldn't be any room left, yet her abdomen kept on pulling them. There was just one thing that she was certain of, the Eon Energy was being compressed little by little with her attempt.

Mu Xin told her that the best time for them to form their Eon Energy was when their abdomen refused to add more Eon Energy.

Ye Jiao tried to push it to the back of her mind as she intended to ask her mother about it. Her small legs brought her inside as she saw her mother sat down on the stairs, waiting patiently.

"Mom!" Ye Jiao called cheerfully.

"Jiao'er," Ye Ai Xia smiled back. She beckoned for her daughter to come closer. Without waiting, Ye Jiao jumped to her mother's embrace. "How's the training today?"

"It's fun. Senior Mu is going to form her core, so we're going to spend Summer Festival together, Mom," Ye Jiao shared the gist.

Ye Ai Xia arched her eyebrows. "I see. You have to be careful when you get out, understand?"

"Yes, Mom."

Ye Ai Xia ruffled her daughter's hair affectionally. The next second, her eyes turned sharp. "Jiao'er, I would like to listen to your story later, but now, you should go inside the house."


"We have a guest," Ye Ai Xia replied.


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